A surprising amount of people have trouble with posting their stories up (or maybe it was me who figured it out too fast, I dunno), so this is a little step-by-step guide on how to Veröffentlichen your fanfiction over at ff.net.

Step 1:
Go to any page of fanfiction.net and click "sign in" on the very oben, nach oben right corner of the page. Sign in.

Step 2:
A page will load with a left side bar with various different options regarding your account, Favorit stories, communities, etc. Click the Sekunde bold option, "Publish."

Step 3:
A different set of options will pop up under Publish. Click on the Sekunde one, "Doc Manager (Upload)."

Step 4:
A different page will load with four different boxes with blue header. Here's what the four boxes are about:

- Document Manager: This is where all the documents that Du have uploaded from your computer will be stored. When Du Upload a document from your computer to your ff.net account, it will be shown in the Document Manager box.

- Upload New Document: This is where Du Upload your documents/stories from your computer to your account.

- Document Formats: Explains the two way Du can Upload your story: Story format (if Du want to Veröffentlichen your story immediately after uploading it) and DocX (if Du want to send the document to your beta first; it keeps your document in the exact way Du typed it, colors, highlights, bolds, italics and everything else.

- Notes/Compatible Files: A few side notes on uploading your story. Please read this part as it contains some important information on the format of your document.

Step 5:
For uploading your story, Du will need to use the "Upload New Document" feature. Label and Upload your document.

- Label: "Document Label is a short name/description Du can use to tag the file Du are uploading." This is, for some bizarre and utterly strange reason, the problem of many authors. Put WHATEVER Du want in the label section, it does NOT matter. Put OMG oder lala oder LOL oder just the name of your story oder an abbreviation oder whatever, it does not matter. The label is not the Titel of your fanfic that will be published in the net.

- File on computer: Click "Choose File" and browse for the document that Du want to Upload from your computer.

- Format: If Du are publishing your story without any beta-ing, choose "Story" format. But if Du are going to send your document to your beta first, choose "DocX."

After completing the three, click "Submit Document" and your document will be uploaded to your account.

Step 6:
After clicking "Submit Document," the same page will load again, but this time, on the "Document Manager" section, your newly uploaded document will be shown. This is where Du will see your label. So if Du labeled your doc "Chap 1," you'll see "Chap 1" shown there. Click "Edit/Preview" on the right to Bearbeiten oder Vorschau your document.

Step 7:
Now that Du are done with uploading your document, now Du actually Veröffentlichen your fic. On the left options bar, select "Rules and Guidelines" under Publish. Du can read the rules and guidelines is Du wish oder just scroll all the way down to the bottom and click "Yes, I have read and agreed to the content guidelines." Now Du are allowed to Veröffentlichen a new story.

Step 8:
Select "New Story" under Publish.

Step 9:
Select the category/fandom you're Schreiben for. If it's a crossover, then choose that.

Step 10:
This is the very final step. Name your story in the "Title" box, give your fic a summary (which is limited to 255 characters), select the "Language" your fic is in, the "Rating," the "Genres," the "Characters," which "World" it takes place in (movie oder book), and finally, choose the document Du have Upload from your computer.
After you've filled it all out, click "Publish New Story" and Du have officially just published a fanfiction in fanfiction.net.

__________________ X _________________

And that's it. I really hope that helped all the newcomers of ff.net who are currently present here in this club. If Du have any question, any at all, feel free to ask. :D


- MrsSiriusB