Hello, this is a story im wrting carrying on from where J.K. Rowling left of after the war before the 19 Years later. This is not the full first chapter only what i have written so far- if i get enough feedback then I will eventually put the full chapter up when it is finnished and then I will put the new chapters on when they are finnished. Thank you- Here it is......

Ginny was sat on the bench in the great Hall, lent against her Mother who sat at her side, the last of her tears rolled down her cheeks. Looking down the tabelle to where her Brother Ron sat with Hermione, their heads close together, her Hermione’s small petite hands covered completely Von Ron’s larger ones. A small ghost of a smile lit up Ginny’s face. It was about time she thought, she had been wondering what it would take for them too to realise that what they had was Mehr than friendship, she really was happy for them. She then started looking for the one person who had finished this for them, the boy who had defeated Voldermort once and for all. Trying to see Harry through all of these people was pointless and she turned back to watching her Brother and Hermione with a disappointed sigh.

Ginny pushed herself closer to her mother, knowing that Molly needed the comfort of knowing she still had her daughter and five remaining sons, out of her whole family the death of Fred had hit her mother and George the hardest, of cause everyone was distraught but had a small comfort in knowing that Fred went out in a way he would have wanted, fighting and laughing. Suddenly Luna’s misty voice broke her thought’s Ginny didn’t turn to look at her friend although she could hear many others Bewegen around to look at her oder rather to what she was referring to. With her eyes still on Ron and Hermione she noticed as they suddenly straightened up slightly before looking over their shoulders as if someone was talking to them although no one was there, they stood quickly and left the great hall, hand in hand. With yet another disappointed sigh she turned back to face the dismal faces of her other four brothers her parents and her stunningly beautiful sister-in-law. Somehow even after fighting in this final battle Fleur had no hair out of place. Ginny decided right there and then that she would make Mehr of an effort to get to know her in-law; she knew that if she tried she would end up really good Friends with Fleur.

Molly looked down at her youngest child and only daughter, she remembered how close she had come to losing Ginny today and didn’t feel even remotely sorry for ending Bellatrix’s life, no one hurt Molly Weasley’s daughter. If only I could have saved Freddie to Molly thought, a new torrent of tears came cascading down her cheeks as she pulled Ginny even tighter to her then she already was, she wouldn’t be surprised If Ginny was struggling to breathe. Molly looked to where she had last seen Ron sat with Hermione, panicking slightly when she saw he wasn’t there, after scouting the room quickly and finding out he wasn’t even in the room.

Ginny looked up to where her mother was looking before putting her at ease.

“He went out a few Minuten Vor Mum, he was with Hermione.” Molly looked down to her daughter-it was the first time Ginny had spoken in a while- all panic evaporating when she heard this, he was with Hermione, he would be alright. A huge sob was heard from across the tabelle and turned to George, grabbing his hand and soothingly rubbing circles in the back of it with her thumb, George looked up trying to give his Mum a smile but he couldn’t manage that the best he could give was a small grimace as the tears he cried for his Lost twin poured even quicker down his already soaked cheeks. Percy was sat Weiter to George, crying silently for his brother, he had been wrong, he had been embarrassed of his family, thinking of them as being underachievers when really they weren’t he had missed the last few months and years out with his family and now one of them was no longer here, he had watched Fred die right in front of him and he hadn’t been able to do anything to stop it. He gripped on to George’s shoulder for support for both him and his brother, George used the other hand that his mother was not holding to grab onto Percy’s hand that was laid on his shoulder, a silent thank-you to his older, smarter and arsch of a brother, but he could not fault Percy, he had come to stand with his family in their time of need.

Ginny once again started to look around for Harry, when she couldn’t see him she started to get worried, the last time she had seen him was just after he had killed Voldermort, she had been one of the first to grab hold of him and hug him after, she had soon pulled away from him because of the amount of people wanting to congratulate him. He could have been anywhere, he may even have left, and Ginny already knew that he Harry would blame himself for all the death and destruction that had happened. She quickly turned her head when she heard footsteps coming towards where she was sat with her family, she looked and saw Hermione and Ron coming towards the table, hands twined together. Ginny leapt up of the wooden bench and found herself face to face with her brother and Friend.

“Do Du two know where Harry is? I haven’t seen him for a while and I don’t know where he is.” Ginny spoke fast, Hermione and Ron struggling to work out what she was actually saying.

“Gin, Relax, he’s fine. He’s gone to our old dormitory in the Common room-somehow Gryffindor Tower wasn’t badly damaged- he-“ Ron didn’t get to finish what he was saying as Ginny started running towards the tower, she heard the confused voices of her family calling after her but she did not stop.

The fat ladies portrait swung open as she reached the entrance of the common room, not waiting for a password. The common room was deserted, Ginny went towards the stairs that separated the Boys and Girls rooms and took the winding staircase that led up to the room that Ron and Harry had shared with Neville, Dean and Seamus, their room was right at the oben, nach oben of the tower. Ginny quickly reached the huge wooden door, she knocked quietly, after waiting for a few Minuten and getting no reply she slowly and carefully pushed the open.

She looked across to see Harry sprawled across the four poster bed, still dressed in the clothes he’d worn for the battle, including his worn trainers. Ginny walked over to the bett as quietly as possible before untying Harry’s trainers and carefully sliding them of his feet. She placed them at the side of his bett before removing his glasses and placing them on the small square tabelle Weiter to her. She spent the Weiter few Minuten just watching Harry, he looked so peaceful and mildly childlike, she hesitantly reached vorwärts-, nach vorn and brushed his hair away from where it covered his face, she sighed, going into the bathroom that connected to the dorm room to fetch a damp cloth to wipe the dirt and blood of his face from where he had gotten cuts in the battle oder the dust from the crumbling schloss had covered him as he fought. She soon had his face clean and made the cloth disappear.