'Enchanting Forest'

Author's note: In this chapter, I have done what I Liebe doing the most- describing places. So, Du can simply skip those parts if they bore you. If not, please read them, and tell me how I can get better!

"So, did Du enjoy the landing?" Ermi asks jokingly.

"No I didn't!" I exclaim, breathing heavily.

I certainly didn't. I really loved seeing my world again, but hey, I'm not a professional! Sandilia was flying so fast towards the planet that I felt like we were going to crash, straight into the ground! Also, the pressure of the landing was just too much, as if I was diving into the deepest ocean without a special equipment. I felt like I was going to burn down!

I get up. I was actually sitting half-dead Weiter to Sandlia, who was breathing a light blue feuer on her white scales, making them even Mehr white. I learnt at school that they do that to relax from the pressure they take while landing. I've also learnt that the feuer they're breathing is either freezing cold oder boiling hot, depending on the situation.

Back to the point. If anyone ever asks Du if Du want to ride on their Weltraum Travelling Dragon, remember to say no.

"Hey it wasn't so bad" Ermi says, "You did get to see the space, didn't you?"

"Well, I did, but the landing was too...rough" I say.

"Well landings are like that" Ermi says with a shrug, then looks around a bit, a small smile appearing on his lost-in-thought expression.

I look around as well, my eyes widening in shock. I remember this place perfectly. Glacing around, I smile widely.

We were in the middle of the Enchanting Forest, the largest forest in Hilenster. Du could clearly see why its name was 'Enchanting Forest'. The trees were, first of all, increadibly high, making the sunshines' way into the forest harder. The ones that were managing to break through, though, made the scenery look even Mehr beautiful. A rocky path was cutting the forest in half, Wird angezeigt the way to the visitors so they won't get lost. The bushes on the left and right side of the path were big and fluffy, full of increadibly beautiful flowers. Their Farben were dark, matching perfectly the atmosphere. The way the very few sunshines were falling on most of them was causing their leafs to shine a little, Wird angezeigt how their dark Farben can seem light. I've always loved passing through this magical forest, and seeing this amazing scenery.

What I also loved seeing were the increadible creatures that lived here. Schmetterlinge were flying around the place. Most of them big and colorful, resembling the beauty of the flowers. Some of them were drinking the probably delicious nectar of the flowers, some of them were playing in the air happily, some of them were sleeping peacefully on the trees' branches. Such peaceful creatures. But these are not the only ones that live here...

Suddenly, I realise. How did we get into the forest? Weren't we flying towards the ground? I look back at Ermi, but my Frage gets answered right away. I wasn't quite sure yet, so I decide to ask anyway, "Ermi, how did we get into the forest?"

"Humma?" Ermi asks, looking away from his old map.

"I said, how come we're in the Enchanting Forest?" I repeat my question, "Weren't we supposed to be flying towards the ground?"

The older boy looks at me with a skeptical expression, then realizes I was talking seriously, "Wow, living on Earth for two years really has made Du forget"

"Forget what?" I ask, although I kind of knew the answer. My thoughts came out right, as Ermi, in a blink of an eye, had disappeared.

I felt a gentle wind blowing from behind me, and saw my brother's blur shadow right Weiter to mine, "Magic" he replies.

"Everything here is so easily explained" I say, turning to face the older boy, who was looking down at his map again.

"That's not so bad, being able to explain something so easily" Ermi says, "Magic is the answer to everything in this place"

"Yes, I forgot" I say, scraching my head nervously.

"Not surprising" my brother says jokingly. I stuck my tongue out at him as a responce, something I used to do when we were younger.

Suddenly, Sandilia, who was done with her work, slightly growls. Seeing her looking up at a tall tree, I remember what I loved the most about the Enchanting Forest.

"Elisa!" I call.

We left a few Minuten pass in silence, as we waited for her. Suddenly, a noice was heard. From deep within the forest, behind the giant trees. I look towards to where the sound of wings flapping was coming from, examining every single shadow around those trees. The sound was getting closer, my smile was growing wider. Finally, I look behind the trees and, see nothing.

"Are Du sure it is a good idea?" Erim asks, "I mean, she isn't of your kind...."

"Yes but we're friends!" I exclaim, looking around to find the creature I was looking for, "She's the whole reason why I kept coming to this forest!"

"Really?" a high-pitched voice asks. Feeling a small weight on my head, I reach my hands to the oben, nach oben of it, to feel two tiny hands holding my fingers. Holding those hands back with my thumps, I pull them down, to pull along a little creature, their owner.

"Elisa!" I say, letting go of the tiny fairy's hands, who then started flying infront of my face.

"Maria~" Elisa says, a wide smile on her face.

Even if she was tiny, she was gorgeous. Her face resembled the beauty of nature Mehr than any butterfly's wings, her hair were long and black, with aqua-ish highlights. Her short dress was made of Autumn leafs, red and golden, as she loved those colors. She had small, lacey wings, which were glowing a golden color as she was flapping them.

"Why didn't Du come out sooner?" I ask, my eyes scanning the tiny fairy happily.

"Surprise!" Elisa exclaims happily.

"Hehe, yeah. I should've known" I say, a snicker escaping my lips.

"Of course Du should've, don't Du know me?" Elisa asks, tapping my nose with her tiny finger playfully. I snicker as she does that. I've always loved her playful personality.

"Yeah, I know you" I say, "I guess I shouldn't have left the planet"

"No don't say that, it was for the best" Elisa says, "What if something had happened to Du during that period?"

"Yes but, I was worried about everyone..." I say, looking down, "The King had sagte it himself, those shadows weren't something to not worry about. What if Du got hurt? How would I feel then?"

"I know Du wouldn't feel nice, but Du hadn't mastered your powers then" Elisa says, then gets a skeptical expression, "By the way, why are Du here?"

"Because of this" I reply, Wird angezeigt the tiny fairy my Crystal, which had, for some reason, stopped glowing.

Elisa looks at it confused for a while, then her eyes widen and her smile starts growing even brighter, "You got a mission!"

"Well, not quite yet" Ermi says, "First of all, she has to go to Belendia so she can recieve the mission"

"Oh yeah, forgot about that..." I say, scraching my head nervously.

"Well then, let's go! To the palace!" Elisa cheers happily, flying ahead with an increadible speed.

"The palace?" I ask confused, "Why do we need to go to the palace?"

"You don't remember that either?" Ermi asks with a sigh, as he starts walking ahead, with me and Sandilia following, "Belendia is a sacred place, the 'mother' of our planet. No one can just go there, Du need permission Von the King"

"So that means I get to visit the palace after all" I say, smiling at the tought of meeting the Princess again.

Walking down the rocky path of Enchanting Forest, I keep the smile on my face, always watching the light of Elisa's wings ahead....