Melbourne, Australia - Each year, Australia holds a Eurovision weekend from Friday to Sunday where the First and Sekunde Semi Finals are shown culminating in the Final Zeigen on Sunday evening. During the Final the Australian public get their chance to televote for their winner.

This year, the Australian public vote differed significantly from the European vote. All weekend there were huge Eurovision parties in Melbourne, Sydney and the other major Australian cities.
Although Australia cannot vote in the actual Eurovision Song Contest, each Jahr the public do televote to decide their winner and in 2011 there are some surprise results :

1.Ireland 8350
2.Greece 7120
3.Serbia 4429
4.Bosnia & Herzegovina 4150
5.Moldova 3397
6.Hungary 2862
7.Sweden 2521
8.Denmark 2097
9.United Kingdom 1339
10.Ukraine 1338
11.Finland 1308
12.Romania 1205
13.Iceland 1061
14.Russia 982
15.Italy 935
16.Germany 922
17.Estonia 820
18.Slovenia 757
19.France 576
20.Austria 483
21.Georgia 473
22.Spain 456
23.Switzerland 356
24.Lithuania 262
25.Azerbaijan 245

So, Europe's winner is Australia's least favourite song of all. Other marked differences in the voting patterns see the actual runner up Italy only in 15th place and Serbia faring much better with the Australian public than the European.