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Kevin: Our creator is finally here.
S.B: Don't give away my identity!
Parker: Too late.
Liam: It was already gegeben away in the ending credits of your show.
S.B: Ah. Oh well, I don't care. Today's a nice day, especially for train watching.
Jazlin: *Passing Von with a passenger train at high speed*
Snowflake: Can we get the Zeigen going again please?
Kevin: No one's stopping you.
Snowflake: Okay, we got a special Fan fiction for Du tonight. It's Revenge Of The Diesels. Back to Sodor everyone.

Sodor, 1977

Thomas: *Pulling Annie, and Clarabel on his branch line*
Paxton: *Stops at a station with a short freight train*
Thomas: *Stops Weiter to Paxton*
Paxton: Hello Thomas. What's going on today?
Thomas: Oh, I'm just running my branch line as usual. What's going on with you?
Paxton: Sir Tophamm Hat asked me to deliver toys for the children.
Thomas: That sounds like a wonderful job.
Paxton: Why thank Du Thomas. Listen, I've been hearing Diesel 10 talk about you, and the rest of the steam engines. He's trying to get a group of diesels to Mitmachen him, so that he can destroy you, and the other steam engines.
Thomas: Thanks for letting me know Paxton. Diesel 10 just doesn't want to quit.

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Thomas & Paxton: *Leave the station*

A claw appears out of nowhere, and rips the scene in half, changing it to a red background

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Diesel 10: *Passing Von with Splatter, and Dodge*
Diesel: *Between Thomas, and Duck*

A Thomas The Tank Engine Fan Fiction

Arry & Bert: *Shunting freight cars that end up blocking James, and Percy's line*

Revenge Of The Diesels

Men: *Riding motorcycles, and releasing gas*
People: *Falling asleep as they come into contact with the gas*

Starring Thomas The Tank Engine

Percy The Small Engine

James The Red Engine

And Paxton The Diesel

Also starring Belle, Rosie, Henry, Duck, Oliver, Gordon, Toby, Den, Dart, Donald & Douglas, and Sir Tophamm Hat

Starring the bad guys, Diesel 10, Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, D261, D199, Sidney, Dennis, and Norman

Narrated Von Mark Moraghan

Mark Moraghan: It was a busy Tag on the Island Of Sodor. All of the engines were working hard. All of the engines, except Diesel 10.
Diesel 10: Hehehe. This building should have what I'm looking for. *Uses his claw to hit a building, and cause an explosion* Uh oh! *Sees that the building is on fire* That wasn't supposed to happen! *Leaves*

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Mark Moraghan: Diesel 10 didn't want to set the building on fire. So he ran away. Soon, Henry passed by.
Henry: *Stops* Duh, that looks beautiful. *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
Passengers: Why did we stop? *Sees the fire* Someone call for help!
Mark Moraghan: The conductor on the train called for Sir Tophamm Hat.
Thomas: *Arrives, stopping Weiter to Henry* Henry, why haven't Du tried putting out the fire?!
Henry: *Goes kreuz eyed* What's a fire?
Mark Moraghan: Sir Tophamm Hat arrived in an Aston Martin DB5.
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Looks at Henry* Henry, how did this feuer start?
Henry: I don't know.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Belle's on her way to put it out.
Belle: *Arrives, ringing her bell, and starts her hoses, spraying the fire*
Thomas: Hooray for Belle!
Passengers: *Cheering*

Stop the song

Belle: *Gets rid of the fire*
Thomas: Well done Belle.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Well done indeed. Now everyone, back to work. I'll find out how this happened.
Mark Moraghan: After the engines left, Sir Tophamm Hat went across the tracks to talk to a man.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Excuse me.
Man: Sir Tophamm Hat. I heard all about you. Du run a fine railway.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Thank you. Did Du see how that feuer started?
Man: It was started Von a diesel with a claw.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Diesel 10. What's he doing here?

At the diesel works

Diesel 10: I didn't find it yet.
Splatter: You'll find it soon boss.
Dodge: Yes. We'll help Du look if Du want us to.
Diesel 10: No. The "special surprise" has to be around here somewhere. I can find it myself. It will be too odd if we all look for it together. Why couldn't Dennis be Mehr specific about where he left it?
Splatter: Why did he drop it off somewhere after taking it from the docks?
Dodge: Did someone follow him?
Diesel 10: Yes. It was one of those steam engines. Dennis sagte he left the "special surprise" in a building Von some trees.
Mark Moraghan: Dennis was a lazy diesel, and didn't give Diesel 10 enough information about the "special surprise." Sir Tophamm Hat talked to his engines at the sheds.
Sir Tophamm Hat: I found out that Diesel 10 caused the fire. Whether he did it Von accident, oder on purpose, I don't know, but do be careful. If Du see him doing anything wrong, Du are to tell me at once.
Engines: Yes sir.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Good. Now I'm going to go play golf.
Thomas: Again sir? I thought Du didn't like golf.
Sir Tophamm Hat: I changed my mind. *Walks away*

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Mark Moraghan: At the diesel works, Diesel 10 talked to Den, and Dart.

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Diesel 10: Den, and Dart. Just the two engines I was looking for.
Den: Oh, hello Diesel.
Diesel 10: I'm going to get rid of the steamies, but I need your help.
Den: Oh, sorry Diesel, but uh, we...
Dart: What he means is, we are not interested.
Diesel 10: *Angry* Why not?!!?
Den: Because, the steamies are, uhh...
Dart: What he means is, the steamies are our friends, and they help us when we need them.
Den: Exactly, and it's also the other way around.
Diesel 10: Fine!! I don't need Du two anyway!! *Leaving the Diesel Works*
Mark Moraghan: Diesel 10 was not happy that Den, and Dart didn't want to help. So he talked to Splatter, Dodge, and Arry, and Bert.
Diesel 10: I need Du four to spread the word, and see if anyone will Mitmachen us.
Arry: Yes sir.
Bert: Right away.
Splatter: We'll find someone. Right Dodge?
Dodge: Right. Uh... Where do we look?
Diesel 10: All over the island! Du have to find someone!
Arry: Okay guys, let's go. *Leaves the Diesel Works with Bert, Splatter, and Dodge*
Mark Moraghan: Every part of the line was busy, especially Percy's harbor.
Thomas: *Arrives with five freight cars* I brought over some fruit.
Percy: Well done Thomas.
James: *Blows his whistle twice as he arrives* And I brought over empty freight cars to be loaded with rubber.
Percy: Thank Du James.

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Workmen: *Watching James' cars get loaded with rubber*
Thomas: Do I have anything to bring back Percy?
Percy: No Thomas, everything is okay here.
Thomas: *Leaving the harbor*
James: *Following Thomas*
Mark Moraghan: The three engines were so busy working, that they didn't notice Diesel 10, with Splatter, and Dodge on the mainline going over the track to the harbor.
Diesel 10: *Watching Thomas, and James leave the harbor* All right. I'll follow those two, and the rest of Du take care of Percy.
Splatter: Yes sir.
Dodge: Right away sir.
Diesel 10: *Backs up to a switch, and goes onto Thomas, and James' line, following the two engines while staying out of sight*
Thomas: *Goes into a siding to let James pass, but sees a silver car* Where did this car come from, and what could be inside it?
Diesel 10: *Stops behind Thomas*
Thomas: *Reading the label on the silver car* "Special Surprise." What kind of special surprise could this be?
Diesel 10: *Couples up to Thomas* A-ha!! I got you, and the surprise!!
James: *Looking behind him* Hm, that's funny, I don't see Thomas following me. I wonder if something happened to him in that siding.
Mark Moraghan: Leaving his train in another siding, James went back to check on Thomas.
Diesel 10: *Spots James* Ha! Another steamie for me to capture!
Thomas: James, get out of here! Save yourself!
Diesel 10: *Pushes Thomas into James, having both of them coupled up to him* Too late! You're not going anywhere! Except for wherever I go!
Mark Moraghan: Meanwhile at the harbor, Percy was going to drop off three freight cars at Maithwaite station.
Percy: *Backs up to the freight cars, and blows his whistle twice as he pulls the cars out of the harbor*
Splatter: *Goes onto the line, in front of Percy*
Percy: *Confused*
Mark Moraghan: Percy-
Percy: Okay narrator, Du don't have to tell everyone everything!
Mark Moraghan: Percy was so cross, that he interrupted me.
Percy: *Passes the switch*
Dodge: *Goes onto the line behind Percy*
Percy: *Blows his whistle at Splatter* Come on! Bewegen it!
Splatter: *Brakes*
Percy: Oh! *Hits Splatter, and gets coupled up to him*
Dodge: *Couples up to the back of Percy's train*
Splatter: Haha! We got him!!
Percy: What is this all about?!
Dodge: Shut up, and follow us!
Percy: No! *Moving forward, pushing Splatter, and pulling his train, and Dodge*
Splatter: Ah! Ah! What do we do?
Narrator: Both engines were too surprised to put on their brakes.
Splatter: *Blows his horn*
Dodge: Stop!!!
Percy: Never!! I'm not going to stop!
Diesel 10: *Blocking Percy's path*
Percy: *Sees Diesel 10 with Thomas, and James* I'm going to stop! *Brakes*
Diesel 10: Hahahaha! We got Thomas, James, and Percy.
Thomas: What are Du going to do with us Diesel 10?
Diesel 10: You'll see!!
Mark Moraghan: Thomas, Percy, and James were brought into the diesel works.
Diesel: Haha! We got three steamies!
Norman: What should we do with them?
Dennis: Leave them there. They won't do anything.
Diesel 10: Let me explain. First, we use the "special surprise." Then, we get rid of the steamies.
Percy: Special surprise?
James: What special surprise?
Thomas: The silver tank car I stopped to look at.
Diesel 10: Precisely. The special surprise is a nerve gas called Delta 9.
Percy: Delta 9?
James: What does that do?
Diesel 10: It puts people to sleep.
Thomas: What for?
Diesel 10: So that no one can stop us! D261, take a coach, a flatbed, and pick up our five associates.
D261: Yes sir. *Goes to collect the coach, and flatbed*
Mark Moraghan: As soon as D261 left, Paxton got an idea.
Paxton: May I go with D261? In case he breaks down?
Diesel 10: Yes Du may. Good thinking.
Paxton: *Leaves the Diesel Works*

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Mark Moraghan: But when D261 collected the coach, and flatbed, Paxton followed him. Paxton was thinking of a way to stop D261.
Paxton: As soon as I see him pick up the associates, I'll stop him.
D261: *Passes a switch*
Switch Man: *Moves the points on the switch to the left*
Paxton: *Goes onto the left track* Okay then.
D261: *Speeding up*
Paxton: *Increasing his speed, but D261 is going faster*
Switch Man: *Sets the points in front of Paxton to make him go left again*
Paxton: *Goes left, and looks at D261*

D261 is getting further ahead.

Gordon: *Passes between D261, and Paxton*
Paxton: *Keeps his eyes on D261, and gets switched onto the middle line*
D261: *Goes over a switch, onto a line heading to the right*
Paxton: *Goes over another switch, moving to the right. Once he's on the right line, he backs up, and heads to the switch D261 used*
D261: *Goes onto another main line*
Toby: *Brakes, nearly hitting D261, and rings his bell* Are Du blind? Your signal was red.

D261 heard this, and came to a stop.

Toby: *Sees D261 stopping in front of him* What now?
D261: *Puts his train in a siding*
Toby: *Waiting impatiently*
D261: *Backing towards Toby*
Toby: *Backing up*
D261: *Slams into Toby, putting out his fire, and disabling his brakes*
Toby: Uh oh.
D261: *Puts Toby between himself, and his train*
Paxton: *Sees D261 with Toby, and hurries*
D261: *Quickly takes off*
Paxton: *Catching up*
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Arrives, and stands in front of Paxton's track*
Paxton: *Stops*
Sir Tophamm Hat: Paxton, just the diesel I need.
Paxton: Sir, Toby's in-
Sir Tophamm Hat: Never mind about Toby. He's in good condition, taking care of his work.
Paxton: But sir-
Sir Tophamm Hat: Paxton, please go to the clay pits, and work there for a while.
Paxton: Yes sir. *Goes to the clay pits*
Mark Moraghan: Sir Tophamm Hat wouldn't listen to Paxton.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Will Du stop pointing out the obvious?!
Mark Moraghan: Sir Tophamm Hat was so cross, that he shouted at me for my narrating. Meanwhile, D261 still had Toby in his clutches.
Toby: Du stupid diesel. Let me get back to my work!
D261: *Stops again, uncoupling Toby from the train, and moving forward, switching to another track on the left*

Pause the song

Toby: *Sees a sign for the scrap yard, and hears machines cutting up rusty cars*
D261: *Backs Toby into a siding, and uncouples himself from him*
kran Operator: *Lowers a kran arm, and picks up Toby*
Toby: Hey! Put me down! I ain't for scrappin'! Scrap Gordon! He deserves it!! *Gets dropped into a machine, which crushes Toby, and kills him*

As soon as Toby was crushed, he was pushed out of the machine. He was no longer an engine.

Resume the song

Paxton: *Pulling cars of clay to Brendam Docks*
D261: *Backs up to his train*
Paxton: *Sees D261* Hang on. Where's Toby?
D261: *Takes off*
Paxton: *Stops* I must go look over there.
Mark Moraghan: Leaving his clay cars, Paxton went to the scrap yard, to find Toby.
Paxton: Toby? Toby?!
Workman: *Carrying a piece of wood to Zeigen Paxton* He's been scrapped, and flattened.
Paxton: *Gasps*
D261: *Looks behind him, and hears Paxton shout*
Paxton: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
D261: Another job well done. Now to pick up the associates.

D261 returned to the diesel works, seeing Sidney, and Diesel return themselves.

D261: Where did Du two go?
Diesel: We were sent to Brendam Docks to make it vacant.
Sidney: We got rid of Cranky The Crane, and other workers.
D261: Nice work. Diesel 10 sent Du down there. Where's he?
Diesel 10: *Arrives with D199* Getting another member to Mitmachen our group.
Paxton: *Arrives* I'm back. Sir Tophamm Hat sent me to go deliver clay, but I have returned.
Diesel 10: That's nice. Arry, Bert, Dennis, bring out our steamies.
Mark Moraghan: Thomas, Percy, and James were brought into the diesel works after being stored in some sheds, Von Arry, Bert, and Dennis.
Diesel 10: Tomorrow, Du will be transported to the docks. We are going to load Du onto flatbeds right now. D261, and D199 will be blocking the entrance so that Du can't get out.
Mark Moraghan: They went Weiter to the diesel works, to load Thomas, Percy, and James onto three flatbeds.
höhle, den & Dart: *Sees Thomas, Percy, and James*
Den: Diesel 10?! How could Du do this?
Dart: What he means is, Du shouldn't be doing this to our friends.
Diesel 10: I don't care if they're your friends.

The three engines were being hoisted into the air Von cranes.

Arry: *Pushing the flatbeds into place*
Bert: Enjoy your new Home steamies.
Mark Moraghan: Den, and Dart watched helplessly as Thomas, Percy, and James were placed on the flatbeds.
Diesel 10: Good. Leave them there until tomorrow.
Percy: What happens tomorrow?
Diesel 10: You'll be sent to Brendam Docks, and dropped into the ocean.
Mark Moraghan: Later that night, D199, and D261 were blocking the entrance, to make sure that no other engines could take Thomas, Percy, and James away. Paxton went to go talk to them.
Paxton: *Stops Weiter to Thomas* Hello Thomas.
Thomas: Hello Paxton.
Paxton: I saw D261 head to the docks earlier. He sagte he was picking up five associates.
Thomas: Who were they?
Paxton: Just some men. I never saw them before, but they also had these things that looked like bikes, only they were much bigger, and instead of having pedals, they had engines, and on their sides, it read, Kawasaki. I don't know what that is.
Thomas: Motorcycles?
Paxton: Oh, yes. They were motorcycles.
Thomas: What would Diesel 10 want with men, and motorcycles?
Mark Moraghan: Thomas would find out, tomorrow.

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The associates D261 picked up were on their motorcycles, getting them started.

Diesel 10: Okay. Du will all spray your gas on the route to Brendam Docks. Don't let anyone stay awake. Good luck to Du all.
Associates: *Ride off on their motorcycles*
Diesel 10: We diesels will wait here until they contact us Von radio, letting us know the mission is over.
Percy: I hope they don't succeed.
Associates: *Riding their motorcycles*
Associate 1: Nothing so far.
Associate 2: I see a road up ahead.
Associate 1: Don't spray the gas until I give the word.
Associates: *Get onto the road*
Associate 1: teilt, split up at the intersection ahead.
Associate 2: Copy that.
Associate 3: We'll go left.
Associate 4 & 5: We'll go right.
Associate 1: I'll go straight.
Associate 2 & 3: *Goes left*
Associate 4 & 5: *Goes right*
Associate 1: *Goes straight* Now we'll cover up every area from here to Brendam Docks. Get ready to spray. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. *Sprays the gas*
Associate 2: *Spraying gas, riding behind associate 3*
People: *Falling asleep*
Associate 4: *Riding to the left of associate 5, spraying his gas*
People: *Falling asleep*
Mehr People: *Crash into each other with their cars*
Associate 1: *Passing between a lot of people in their cars*
People: *Fall asleep from the gas associate 1 is spraying, and stop their cars. Some of them go off road, and others get flipped onto their sides*
Associate 2: *Finishes spraying his gas, and gets in front of associate 3*
Associate 3: *Sprays his gas*
People: *Falling asleep*
People Inside Buildings: *Fall asleep as well*
Associate 4: *Stops spraying*
Associate 5: *Sprays the gas*
People: *Fall asleep*
Workers: *Fall asleep at Brendam Docks*
Car Salesman: *Falls asleep*
Yard Workers: *Fall asleep*
Henry & Rosie: *Fall asleep*
ente & Oliver: *Fall asleep*
Donald & Douglas: *Go off the tracks, and fall asleep*
Gordon: *Falls asleep as he goes into a siding, and crashes into a set of buffers*
Traffic Cop: *Falls asleep, as two cars crash on his right side*
Police Officers: *Running out to see one of the associates pass, but the gas sprayed makes them fall asleep*
Associate 1: Diesel 10, mission accomplished.
Diesels: *Cheering*
Percy: Oh no.
Thomas: I heard them say mission accomplished.
James: This makes me angry.

Mehr than half of the people on Sodor were now asleep.

Dennis: *Blocking Den, Dart, and Paxton in a shed with freight cars* Diesel 10's orders. You're not going anywhere until this is over. I'll be staying to make sure Du don't escape.
Diesel 10: Attention all diesels!! Let's bring the steamies to the docks!!
Splatter & Dodge: *Push the flatbeds to Diesel 10*
Diesel 10: *Gets coupled up, and blows his horn twice* To the docks!! *Heads off*

Every diesel except, Den, Dart, Paxton, and Dennis followed Diesel 10. Thomas, Percy, and James got to see the damage done Von Diesel 10's associates.

Thomas & Percy: *Sad*
James: *Angry*
Diesel 10: *Leading everyone pass an area of cars, and people that fell asleep*

Picture: link

No one noticed that one of the cars was an Aston Martin DB5.

Diesel 10: *Arrives at the docks* Everyone wait here! I have a special surprise!! *Uncouples from the flatbeds, and goes forwards*
Splatter & Dodge: *Couple up to the flatbeds, and Bewegen them backwards two yards*
Diesel 10: *Returns pushing a grey boxcar, stopping in front of the flatbeds* Open sesame! *The roof opens, and a laser kanone slowly starts to appear from the roof*
Diesels: *Watching with smiles*
Diesel 10: And now, to make the tracks go for the sea. I must aim this carefully. *Aims the kanone at the rails in front of the flatbeds, and turns on the cannon. The laser starts to melt the rails*
Thomas: *Watching the rails*
Diesel 10: *Finishes melting the rails with the cannon, and turns it off* Oh no! The rails are still straight!
Thomas: This'll buy us Mehr time.
Diesel 10: Shut up!! You're not going anywhere!! Norman, go get a crane! Everyone else, clear his path!!!
Mark Moraghan: As Norman went to get a crane, this happened.
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Sits up in his Aston Martin DB5, and pulls a respirator off his face* My what a mess. I only wish I had enough time to warn everyone else. *Drives his car*
Mark Moraghan: Sir Tophamm Hat found out about what Diesel 10, and his gang were doing. He was heading to the diesel works, to see Paxton.

Paxton is still trapped with Den, and Dart.

Dennis: *Sitting with two freight cars, blocking Paxton, Den, and Dart's path*
Paxton: There must be some way we can get out of here.
Den: I don't think there is.
Dart: What he means is, we're stuck here, and we can't move.
Paxton: We can't be stuck here forever. We need to get out of here, and save Thomas.
Dennis: Forget it! Du three aren't going anywhere.
Den: I'm afraid he's right.
Dart: What he means is, Dennis is telling us the truth.
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Slides his car to a stop, and gets out* No he isn't! Dennis, Du let those three go!
Dennis: Oh! *Moves himself, and the cars out of the way*
Paxton: Come on Du two! *Moves forward* We have to save Thomas!
Den: *Following Paxton* But, what are we going to do?
Dart: *Following Paxton* What he means is, we need a plan to rescue our friends.
Paxton: Don't worry! We'll think of something.
Mark Moraghan: Sir Tophamm Hat stayed behind to punish Dennis.

At the docks

Norman: *Stops with the cranes*
Diesel 10: Perfect! Let's start moving the tracks!
Paxton: Diesel 10!! STOP!! *Comes to a stop, pushing Norman, and the cranes*
Norman: Whoaoaaaoah!! *Comes off the tracks with the cranes*
Diesel 10: Paxton! How dare you!!
Paxton: How dare you!! Let Thomas, Percy, and James go at once!!
Diesel 10: But I-
Paxton: If Du don't, we'll make you.
Diesel 10: Who's we?
höhle, den & Dart: *Arrives* We will.
Donald & Douglas: Along with us! *Arrives with Duck, Oliver, Rosie, Belle, and Gordon*
Diesel 10: Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter Dodge D199 D261 and Sydney!! Stop them at once!!
Splatter: Are Du kidding? Did Du see what Paxton did to Norman?
Dodge: I don't want him doing that to me.
D199: Same here.
Sir Tophamm Hat: *Arrives* Diesel 10, Du should be ashamed of yourself!!

Song: link

Diesel 10: Okay, I'm out of here!! *Running away*
Mark Moraghan: The other diesels left as well, except for Paxton, Den, and Dart. They stayed to celebrate the victory of the steamies.
Thomas: *Gets off his flachbett-, flachbett with Percy, and James* Woo-hoo!!
Percy: Back on rails at last!
James: Thanks for coming to help us everyone!
Paxton: No problem.
Den: It's the least we can do.
Dart: What he means is, anytime.
Sir Tophamm Hat: Three cheers for Thomas, Percy, James, and every steam engine in the world.
Everyone: Hip hip, Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!!

The End


Donald & Douglas
Sir Tophamm Hat
Diesel 10
Mark Moraghan as the narrator

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from April 17, 2016

Snowflake: Okay everyone, because of Martin Luther King day, we will take Weiter Saturday off, but we will return on the 27th. See Du then.