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Die Fanauswahl: emmy rossum
Die Fanauswahl: Heck Yea!
Die Fanauswahl: Yes!
Die Fanauswahl: Maybe she should tone it down just a little
Die Fanauswahl: Slow Me Down
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hatelarxene sagte …
Can someone explain the appeal of this tranny-looking skank? gepostet vor 5 Tagen
Chloesmom84 Kommentiert…
She doesn't publicly bash people online vor 14 Stunden
hatelarxene Kommentiert…
She's also talentless, annoying, unlikable, and not pretty at all. What's your point? vor 8 Stunden
AtomicWedgieBoy sagte …
I'm shocked Emmy didn't attend the Golden Globes, since going to red carpet events is the only way she can get any sort of attention. gepostet vor 11 Tagen
hatelarxene Kommentiert…
LMAO. Where is the lie, though? 😂 vor 11 Tagen
AtomicWedgieBoy Kommentiert…
Seriously, Emmy is so thirsty for anything that will get her attention for being the C-list celebrity she is. LOL vor 11 Tagen
hatelarxene Kommentiert…
Emmy's not a C-lister. She's a D-lister, rofl. 😂😂 The only reason her net worth is $12 million is because she threw a tantrum and demanded equal pay as William H. Macy for her mediocre work on Shameless. Even though she's not nearly on the same level as Macy. vor 10 Tagen
AtomicWedgieBoy Kommentiert…
Forget her being a D-lister, I wanna know why Emmy Rossum seems so fake all the time. vor 9 Tagen
Makeupdiva sagte …
I don't understand people sometimes. I admit I'm not a huge Fan of Emmy's but I wouldn't waste my time to go on some board about a celebrity just to bash him oder her. Seriously, don't Du people have anything better to do with your time than to bully others? gepostet vor 14 Tagen
AtomicWedgieBoy Kommentiert…
People bully Naomi Scott and Emma Watson all the time. Why shouldn't we do the same to someone like Emmy who actually deserves it? vor 11 Tagen
jlhfan624 Kommentiert…
WAH somebody doesn't like my Favorit so I'm going to go on their fanclub and bash THEIR Favorit because I'm actually a 3 Jahr old and all I know how to do is throw tantrums! WAH! vor 6 Tagen
AtomicWedgieBoy Kommentiert…
^LMFAO, damn. And I thought I was savage. 😂 vor 2 Tagen