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posted by Brittcullen
*** Chapter 8, Emmett's P.O.V. ***

I stopped before the boot to Australia, and coated myself in white clothing. Black would look suspicious, and white doesn't. I didn't need Australians seeing that I was not human. Luckily, a vampire coven lived here, unluckily, they we're all girls, and :
Me+Girls+NoRose= Well.. Du know... if they know how to work me, since I'm pretty faithful to Rose.
I sighed, and put some sunglasses on, and a baseball cap, twisting it to the side. Okay, yeah. I was a major jock. Rose called me 'Super Jock'. The thought of Rose brought a smile to my face,which was quickly...
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posted by Brittcullen

our stories our combined, so read jaspers journal and evies story Du should eventually understand (:

chapter one
--------------------------------------------------I gasped as Alice walked in with this Evie, Rosalie snarled. Evie WAS stunning How on earth had jasper gotten someone like her?!
Edward laughed 'Emmett wants to know how Jasper got someone like Evie'
Rosalie glared at me and slapped me hard. 'Not even funny'
Evie then looked to Alice then to jasper 'Evening...Mr whitlock' she sagte and Jasper just stared and sagte nothing. He then looked to alice and walked upstairs to his room, 'I'm...
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posted by Brittcullen
Part 9

Spent the Weiter two years of my life with tanya, But it didnt really work out. Tanya didn't want to be tied down to just one man. Who blamed her? She was beautiful. So we broke up, on good terms after two years. I moved out, just as carmen and eleazer joined. Eleazer was a ex-volturi with the power of gift recognition, he told me I had a gift of strength greater than any other vampire.

I moved to LA, after been signed Von Calvin Klein boxers. I grew famous here, and inspired Von hannah montana (Yes hannah!) I created a Sekunde identidy, using the name of Kellan lutz. For the kellan idendity i returned my hair to my natural blonde hair colour. I was known for my muscles, my dimples and my relationships. I had a few relationships with Models and actresses, but i didn't feel connected to any, and to be fair, i did change my relationships too often, and became known as 'S-lutz'. Although after the years, i Still thought of Evie.
posted by Brittcullen
Chapter 7

I drove. I was so angry. I was angry at everyone. I drove dangerously, just driving. I must have been in that car days. I stopped off in alaska. The denalis where staying here, and I knew tanya would happily let me stay. It had been a while since I had seen Kate, Irina and Tanya. If i had been with Rosalie I would not have been the only man in a household full of three, pretty, seductive, female Vampire who i swear to god were succubus.
I pulled up outside there house with a smile, wiped the lipstick from my neck and sprayed myself with deodrant. i walked inside...
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posted by Brittcullen
Part 5

I sat up then, feeling burnt. My head was spinning and I got to my feet slowly. I walked into the küche where Jasper and Edward was. Jasper looked angry. Edward looked..kind of annoyed?
Jasper went for my face, his hand connecting hard with my nose smashing it upon impact. I cussed but didn't retaliate.
'Fucking idiot.' He growled and walked out.
Edward looked to me and followed him.
I sighed and leant of the sink, watching the blood drip from my nose. Evie had hurt me. Rosalie would be told. I felt used and beaten. Evie had used me, and beaten me. Jasper had broken...
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 Emmett's Outfit
Emmett's Outfit
I followed Edward and Rosalie to the woods, glancing at my outfit, someone must have changed me while I was been turned vampire.

"Rosalie clothed you." Edward answered my thoughts.
I sighed. "Can Du quit that? it's annoying, kid." I muttered.
Edward smirked, but didn't answer. Rosalie tripped him up, and grinned to me.
I laughed loudly, my booming laughter echoing the area.

"Shut up oder you'll scare all the animals!" Edward laughed.
"Make me." I challenged.

Edward turned and ran at me, shoving against me. He did not Bewegen me one inch. I laughed.
"Go easy kiddo, Du might pull something." I smirked,...
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posted by Brittcullen
Chapter 6

I woke up in a womans bed. She vaugely resembled Evie, but no-where as pretty enough. I slipped out of bett and pulled clothes on, Looking to myself in the mirror.
I needed to Hunt. I didn't want to go home. My eyes where dark, reflecting my mood. I looked to the girl sleeping, leaning over Küssen her neck. I bit into it and she groaned. I drunk her lifes blood supply, but i was still thirsty. I ran. I ran for miles. I ran to texas. Where Evie had come from. I ran to the open fields, Hunting various Animals. I visited the Bar Jasper had met evie in. She was...
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posted by Brittcullen
*** Chapter 1, Esme's P.O.V ***

I tutted in annoyance, as I cleared the piles of trödel, schrott, junk-e- from the outhouses. I sighed, and glanced around for Emmett. I needed him to Bewegen this large stone pillar thing, that Carlisle had insisted we kept. Why I was clearing this out, for Alice's new wardrobe, I do not know. Why she wanted it outside, I do not know.
I sighed, and moved onto boxes of books, sorting them into piles. Most of them Were Emmett's...Some of the things he read!
I glanced to the last book. It looked old and battered. I shrugged, and placed it on oben, nach oben of the pile of mainly rude-related book's...
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posted by Brittcullen
chapter 11

I hung out with Leah, alot. We went on little

missons to piss off the volturi.. We'd always

come back hurt. Rosalie was getting Mehr

and Mehr pissed off for the fact i wasn't

spending every Minute shagging her.

Since the ten years apart, our relationship

was really on the rocks. I spent Mehr time

with Leah, and my brothers, oder going out, oder

hunting. Maybe once a week we made out? I

didn't feel she was my soul mate anymore..

During the summer, Leah had a messy break

up with Elan. I beat him up a few times..

It must have been one later summer, maybe

autumn, They...
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