When he commits the greatest sin, she will forgive him.

When he suffers the consequences and loses everything he holds dear, she will give all she has to offer.

When he can't stand on his own, she will teach him how to walk again.

When he burns down the past in the name of making a future, she will salvage the memories worth keeping.

When he has no Home and no light to pierce the darkness, she will provide hers.

When he leaves, she will wait for his return.

When he wavers, she will hold him steady.

When he struggles with demons, she will fight with him.

When he won't listen to reason, she will knock some sense into him.

When he breaks, she will fix it and forge it stronger.

When he refuses to cry, she will wash his pain in her own tears.

When he cannot Liebe himself, she will.

And when he finally conquers the odds, she will be there to say:

"Idiot. Welcome back."
And when he offers her half his life, she will give him ALL of hers. Because true Liebe can't be bound Von the laws of Equivalent Exchange. <3 God, I Liebe this couple...