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Am i like Poe?

this spot has all my Poesie on it...every1 who reads it says I'm dark and the Weiter Poe...
but 4 those who don't feel like going there, imma post 1 of my fav. poems i have

Dear Agony
I know Du won't let go of me
You're my greatest faceless enemy
Though all Du do is hurt me
I guess misery loves company...
And Du won't let me leave Du lonely....
Though sometimes Du speak so soothingly....
I almost don't want Du to leave me....
I'll suffer so very slowly....
Because Du know just what to say to me.....
To keep me here, knowingly.
Because this is just the way it must be.

I have no choice
Because your voice...
It keeps me here...
So I can not fear.
The most difficult thing...
Is the ring ring in my ear...
Telling me to let go
That I don't belong here...
But I feel instantly drawn
To the bloody dawn.
And, though darkly inspired
I have to desired
A life beyond my own.

But Du will hold me till death
And I know I will let you
Because I know I am weak inside,
Though tough outside
A small child hidden
Crying....crying to get out.
Crying to be free
Crying....though something much less then glee
Maybe Greed?
No....I know not of the sin.
I do not want anything
I know is beyond my reach.

Dear Agony
Keep them away from me
Put up a wall
Don't let it fall
Not fall, nor crumble, under them.
Their lies, their hate, their glares...
Keep them away, stay aware.
I know they'll hurt me
That's why I don't want them in.
I won't let them in
And I know Du won't either.

So Dear Agony
That's why I won't let Du leave me...
Because without you, no one would understand me.
You, and only you, know the real me.
Maybe because Du made this way...
oder maybe because Du stay with me every day...
I honestly don't know
But I know this feeling will grow...
But I don't know what this feeling is.
Maybe I find pleasure in the pain
oder maybe because Du let me laugh at
other people's pain.
zutaradragon posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Whatever the reason/I know there's gotta be a reason/So why can't I detect/Or connect..../With anyone else but you?
zutaradragon posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
zutaradragon posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 zutaradragon posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Edgar Allan Poe Antwort

InvaderRena said:
no one can be the Weiter Poe.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
i didn't say the Weiter Poe i sagte like him...every1 else says i'm the Weiter Poe...
zutaradragon posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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