Duncan P.O.V.

I got bored so I went to Gwen's room,she was in the dusche in her bathroom,the door was opened so I could see her shadowy figure in the shower(not naked,behind the glass)I slowly,but quietly closed the door.

I looked around her room,drums,sketching book,a...A DIARY!?! That got my attention,I started Lesen the diary.

Dear Diary,I was so happy when I saw Duncan for the first time in,I don't know how long,but there's always a catch,he has a girlfriend...that got me upset since I've had a crush on him since forever,but it's fine.Trent is really something,sweet,kind,cute,etc.Bridgette is a cool girl.I can't wait for the party,I really want to get to know Trent better.

I clenched my teeth knowing that my Liebe one has a crush on Elvis,but she has a crush on me,I just need to break up with Princess,and keep her away from Elvis.But she's going to his party,what if he wins her heart?What if she won't like me anymore?No! I can't let that happen!This means I'll have to go to the party with Gwen.

I herd a shrieking sound in the background,I turned around and saw Gwen with nothing,but a towel on."Duncan,what are Du doing in here!?!"She yelled/questioned."To see how Du look with nothing on"I smirked,tugging the towel a bit.She just blushed and asked,"Is that my...DIARY!?!"I hid the diary behind my back."No"I lied."Give it back!"She said,trying to grab the diary."Oh no Du don't"I said,but fell down on Gwen's bett bringing her down with me.She got her diary,but she saw how I was on the side of her,with my hand around her.

Gwen P.O.V.

"Uh...Duncan,can Du please get off me,"I said,shaky.Without saying a word Duncan got off me.