Gwen P.O.V.

My herz sank when I herd Duncan say "girlfriend" Ive liked Duncan since now and the Tag we first met."Uh...hey Courtney"I said.I just walked away until I bumped into someone."Sorry"The girl said.She had a light blue jacke with blonde hair."It's alright"I replied."Hey I'm Bridgette"She greeted."Gwen"I simply said.

After that me and Bridge started being good friends."Hey Gwen wanna eat at lunch together with me and my friends?"(or groupie)Duncan asked."Sure"I said,exitedly.

-At lunch-

(Duncan sat between Courtney and Gwen.Cody sat across from Gwen.Trent sat Weiter to Gwen.Noah sat besides Courtney.Geoff sat across from Courtney. Bridgette sat besides Geoff.Dj sat between Geoff and Cody.Sierra sat Weiter to Cody.And Leshawna sat across from Harold and sat Weiter to Trent.)

Bridgette P.O.V.

"Everyone this is Gwen,she's going to be a new member of the group"Duncan told us."Hey weres Izzy and Owen?"Sierra asked.(She should know she is the one who stalks us)"Probobly making out in the janitors closet"Noah chuckled.

"So how was New York,Gwen?"Duncan asked."It was alright nothing to brag about really"Gwen answered."So Gwen,do Du reconize a friend of yours when Du were here?"I asked.Before she could answer the glocke rang.

-In the hallways-

Gwen P.O.V.

I was about to say Duncan,but the glocke rang.I went to my locker to get my things for Weiter period."Gwen!"Someone yelled.I turned around only to see Trent."Hey Trent"I said."Do Du wanna come to my party tonight?"Trent asked.I was so happy when Trent asked me that,besides he is kinda cute."Sure"I said."Cool see Du later"Trent sagte while walking away.When I turned around and closed my locker I saw the one and only Duncan laying on the side.

Duncan P.O.V.

"Oh Hey Duncan"Gwen said."You like Elvis?"I asked kinda angry."N-n-no"She stuttered,looking the other way to hide the fact that she was blushing.

Things were silent for a momment."You want a ride home?"I asked.Gwen looked at me and smiled then said,"I would Liebe that"

We got inside my car and I drove her home.When we got there I asked "Where's your mom and brother?" She unlocked the door and sagte "My mom's at work and my brother's still in school"I look at Gwen flirtishly"So your alone"I whispered in Gwen's ear.Gwen playfully punched me in the arm."You know Du want me"I said.

"I don't want Du Duncan"She says back.I grab her waist and brung her close to me."You sure about that Sweetheart?"I said,inches away from her lips.Gwen's face was mad red."I have to change for Trent's party"She says.Gwen starts to walk away,but before she left to her room I grabed her wrist and asked,"You need any help with that?"Gwen let go and ran to her room.

Gwen P.O.V.

I ran to my room and shut the door closed,I was beat red.I can't be playing around with Duncan like when we were 12 years old.Besides he has Courtney his girlfriend,sunshine,princess.Duncan and I are just friends,he will never feel the same way...would he?

While I tried to get those thoughts out of my head,I got in the shower.