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 Sasha, Angry
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posted by PoemGirl
Okay so at this moment in time I have so many stories In my head and I'm wondering which ones I should keep going right now.


Miles OF Miles Apart..

March 19, 2011
Age 13

From the moment your born somewhere out there Du have a true love, There’s someone who is your soul mate. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same herz strings as Du and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep Du apart from one another, and one Tag you’ll meet. Some people don’t end up with there one true Liebe oder don’t see them. But what if my one true...
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posted by HiddenHearts100

Been a fool, been a clown
Lost my way from up and down
And I know, yes, I know
And I see in your eyes that Du really weren't surprised at me
At all
Not at all
And I know Von your smile
It's you

Don't care for me
Don't cry, let's say goodbye
It's time to say goodbye
I know that in time
It will just fade away
It's time to say goodbye

I stand alone
And watch Du fade away like clouds
High up and in the sky
I'm strong and so cold
As I stand alone
Goodbye, so long

Oh, how I Liebe Du so
Lost in those memories
And now you've gone
I feel the pain
Feeling like a fool

My Liebe for Du burns...
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One of The Three days grace rockers!!!!
Three Days Grace
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posted by SongGirl50701
 Wearing Kat's hat
Wearing Kat's hat
Song Girl~ I have been listening to a lot of Musik that has been making me understand life but I found a lot of songs that makes me realizes this is similar; BUT OH MY GOD!!! I FUCKING Liebe Du THREE DAYS GRACE!!!!!!

Songs I Liebe Von Three Days Grace:

get Out Alive
Never Too Late
Animal I have become
The Good Life
Let It Die
Its All Over
over and Over
Time Of Dying
Gone Forever
Running Away

"Life Starts Now"
bitter Taste
World So Cold
Lost In You
The Good Life
No More
Last To Know
Someone Who Cares
Without You
Goin' Down
Life Starts Now

"Transit Of Venus"
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posted by BooBooBear981
They call me no name.
Because i haven't got one.
Nor a family oder a friend
Not even a house
I am truly alone.
How can I be born with out,,
Well Life.
I cry myself to sleep each night.
But it's impossible for people to see me crying if I'm in the rain
I don't know what Liebe is
I don't know what care is.
I don't know who i am either,
If i did know what Liebe was i would be accepted.
Not here. Not there, No where.
I don't know anything,
And i have never seen another human see me,
But i feel them.
I feel them here.
Watching me, but most of all, on the inside, there souls haunt me and kill me. Slowly, with...
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posted by SongGirl50701
 13 Jahr old me..
13 year old me..
Dear Friends and Family,

"My own mother told me to never give up. My own Friends told me to never give up. My own brother laughed in my face and told me to never give up. So Melody, I'll never give up on myself."

When I was kid, I had an invisable friend named Melody, and we were the best of friends. We stopped being Friends when I gained friends. I stopped being able to see her. She faded so slowly, and what seems so painfully now. Melody, Du came back at the time I wanted to die. Du wanted to break me for breaking you. I'm sorry but I have to say this, "Fuck Du Melody."

I can see Du now,...
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posted by SongGirl50701
Water Springs High:

*The new summer breeze rolled through the doors as the beautiful beliebt girls burst through the hallway. Cat walking to class as the leader,Alice,hit the Bücher out of a girl's hands and smiled so wide like if innocent*
Girl: *watches them go and picks her Bücher up,pulling a strand of her curly hair back and slides her glasses to her eyes as she walks to class. Three girls stop her and its obvious that their Friends *
1 girl: Melody, Du gotta klatschen, smack that Barbie across the face like what she did to your books!
2 girl: Two wrongs don't make a damn right.
3 girl: Ashley! You...
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posted by Happyflames
I feel like I’m in a prison. And there’s no way to get out. I turn around see myself alone. {Alone, alone, alone, alone…}
    No one! No one to talk with. No one to laugh with. No one’s shoulder to cry on with. Because I’m alone. {I’m alone.} My respect is replaced Von my jealousy. I don’t seem to have heart… any more. Because I’m alone. {I’m just a loner.} 51
My feelings are hurting. My body is cold. I am stiff. My mouth is burning. I don’t have enough words to explain all the feelings I’m having. Please someone tell me, that I’m okay then...
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posted by PoemGirl
“When you’re born a lover
You’re born to suffer
Like all soul sisters
And soul brothers”

I don;t know what it means?
But it's beautiful..

If Du could read my mind you'd all be in tears
That's why I write it down for Du all to hear
Not that I want to see Du cry
But for Du to know your not alone and the words Du say hurt..

There was a time where I thought I was past. all of this.
Past the cutting.
Past the hate.
Past the crying.
Past the pain.
Past the suicide thoughts
But then.
It hit me once again like a bag of bricks...

They say..
So Young, So Damaged..

That's what I am..

I say..
How do Du run...
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posted by malmcd
Once there was a little girl, was always happy and smiled and made others smile...

She helped people and did whatever she could to help. Little did anyone know Von age 10 she'd begin to feel all alone, and feel like her Friends hate her...
And think she was ugly because of her glasses.

Von age 12 she would begin thinking about bad thoughts and thinking about doing bad things.
She would think about dying and what it would feel like to die.
And how she would die.
She began to become depressed and sad all the time.

By 13 she would become suicidal, and try to kill herself 5 times.
She would think she...
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posted by malmcd
If I where to disappear...
Would Du look for me?
Would Du cry that I was gone?
Or even care that I might never come back?
If something were to happen I want Du to know...
I will be at the light at the other end of your dark tunnel, oder other words life...
Because in the end of all this darkness theres something better...
I'll be waiting there for Du to find your way,
Even if I haven't found my own way oder have gegeben up..
I'll wait to see Du finally find happiness...
Like I said.
I'm here for you..
And even if I'm not here
I will always be with you
Your never truly alone
I will also be there to talk to...
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posted by malmcd
I look back at my life, and I see a girl who I wish I wasn't...
A girl who's fucked up a lot
And has done stupid things
Who is depressed
And cuts
Who's swallowed pills
And swallowed the bleach
Or made herself throw up..
A girl who was always smiling
But I guess she got good at faking?

The world around this girl thinks she's happy and has a great life..
If only they knew the real her..

If only they could see through that fake smile of hers
Or see the scars that line her wrist legs and hips
Because a smile can hide so much..

I feel as if theres something inside me picking at me wanting to be free...
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posted by anniewannie
I smile.. I cry.. I lie..


I smile, even if people abandon me
I smile, when my friend confessed he liked me… maybe…
I smile, when my herz broke as he sagte he forgot me
I smile, when I’m in tears
I smile, no matter how much pain I’m in
I smile, through times when it is tough
I smile, when my Friends hurt me
I smile, despite the hurt
I smile, when people withdraw their trust on me
I smile, like I’m the happiest girl in the world when I’m not
I smile, whenever my world crashes around me
I smile, to those who ask, “Are Du okay?”
I smile, just for the sake of it
I smile, but sometimes...
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