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This Dragon Ball Z foto contains anime, comic, manga, cartoon, comic buch, karikatur, and comics.

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I do not own this fanfic. Someone made this story on Fanfiction.Net and I really wanted to post it here.

A wolke of dust brushes against the innocent, grassy terrain beneath the feet of the two warriors. Silence falls in-between the deadly gaze of one, and the excited gaze of another. Both of the proud beings had a thousand words to say to the other, but all they could do was smile. They've been waiting for this moment all of their lives, and nothing could get in their way.

"It's time to find out which one of us is the true Saiyan Elite, Kakarot," Vegeta scowled as the elasthan, spandex of his gloves rubbed...
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3 years from now i had written an Artikel on "why dragon ball z should be sent to oscars?", i was only 15 back then, i was a kid, unaware of other wonderful animes out there, unaware of the other things that that supposedly are Mehr deserving than Dragon ball series, but.... ummm... after studying all of them, including wonderful movies, oscar winning titles, now, i am 18, an adult, going for studies on theoretical physics, and i still strongly hold my opinion, "dragon ball series, is-the-best-period". there is no other thing in the world better than the dragon ball series, NOTHING!!! what...
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The religon of DBZ
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Well, here we go! The match between Piccolo and Shin (which is basically like it was in DBZ), and some things about Richezz are revealed!:D Happy reading! ^_^

Part 2: Mysterious Foe

"Ladies and gentleman! It's time for our Weiter match!" The announcer shouted, getting the crowd all fired up as Piccolo (Majunior) and Shin faced each other. "And . . . BEGIN!!"

But both fighters simply stood there, not even slipping into fighting stances. Piccolo was trying to figure out just who this Shin was Von using his psychic powers to try and dig through his mind.

Ryoko briefly felt a disturbance, not as keen...
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