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This Dr. Spencer Reid hintergrund might contain geschäftsanzug and business-anzug.

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**Based on Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds...**

Story is in Third Person::

1990- Las Vegas 3:01PM

The Tag was winding down to an end at Las Vegas High School. When Cynthia Moore ran up to twelve Jahr old Spencer Reid in the library, Lesen a thick book- most kids in his grade (Seniors) couldn't even think about reading.

"Hey Spencer, Alexa Carter wants to see Du behind the football house." She smiled, looking at him.

Alexa was easily the prettiest girl in school. Without giving it a Sekunde thought, he followed Cynthia out of the bibliothek and down the hügel to the football house.

It's easy to say...
continue reading...
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Dr. Spencer Reid is around thirty years old and about 6'1". He is introduced as Dr. Reid because of his age. He holds three Ph.D's two BA's and is working on another BA in philosophy. He sent his mother to a mental institute when he was 18.
Reid has an IQ of 187, an iedetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. He became addicted to dilaudid after being kidnapped, tortured, and drugged Von Tobias Hankel. He attended his first drug meeting a short while after a kid suspect was killed in front of him. At that time, he started having cravings.

Oh and for u peeps out there sayin i copied that from somewhere, ur wrong. i remembered all that with my own mind. so dont be dissin me!
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Criminal Minds
dr spencer reid
Matthew Gray Gubler
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