Dr. Spencer Reid Good Spencer Reid Fanfictions?

SoftxDxBall posted on Jun 22, 2010 at 03:01PM
I read a lot of Spencer/Romance fanfictions, and i wondered if anybody knew of any good ones... btw some good Spencer fanfics are...
Mystery Muse on fanfiction.net
The Last Viable Donor on fanfiction.net
And then I wrote a fanfic...
Spencer Reid = Propensity on quizilla.com
 I read a lot of Spencer/Romance fanfictions, and i wondered if anybody knew of any good ones... btw s

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr FreakinLoveReid said…
you can try this site called Mibba.com
I found a few on there.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr xSpencerReidx said…
big smile
i know a AWESOME Spencer Reid story its called: I'm in love you Dr. Spencer Reid. it's on Quizilla! CHECK IT OUT!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr hottiecoolcat said…
link Heres one i've been reiding since March. Check it out
Vor mehr als einem Jahr reid4infinity said…
lost in a memory on fanfiction.net love it! also try a new house on fan fic.net. cant sleep without them.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr yoyouruz7yoyo97 said…
writing on currently but not done
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ReidObssessor said…
I have two at the moment. One is done, one is in the working! link this one is done. link this one is in the works.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Reidfangirl said…
Summary:Prostitutes are dying in Las Vegas and the BAU is called in to catch the unsub responsible. Hotch has never met anyone like hooker Spencer Rocket. Hotch/Reid Slash!

Summary:Spencer Reid is a young mental ward patient at Bennington Sanitarium visited by the FBI about a murder that concerns him, unraveling his past. WARNINGS: Abuse sexual, physical, mental, rape, self harm don't like, don't read! Not completed.

Summary:When the Organized Crime Unit asks for the BAU's help with a case, Dr. Spencer Reid will need every trick in his book - and a few he's just learned - in order to survive his time undercover in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr CMNCISFan3980 said…

I wrote this one. Just finished it today