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nikki8green6 posted on Jan 26, 2010 at 09:29AM
The episodes listed below have already been uploaded to the Dr. Spencer Reid page.

Season 1:
1x01- Extreme Agressor
1x02- Compulsion
1x03- Wont Get Fooled Again
1x04- Plain Sight
1x05- Broken Mirror
1x06- L.D.S.K.
1x07- The Fox
1x08- Natural Born Killers
1x09- Derailed
1x10- The Popular Kids
1x11- Blood Hungry
1x12- What Fresh Hell?
1x13- Poison
1x14- Riding the Lightning
1x15- Unfinished Business
1x16- The Tribe
1x17- A Real Rain
1x18- Somebody's Watching
1x19- Machismo
1x20- Charm & Harm
1x21- Secrets & Lies
1x22- The Fisher King (1)

Season 2:
2x01- The Fisher King (2)
2x02- P911
2x03- The Perfect Storm
2x04- Psychodrama
2x05- Aftermath
2x06- The Boogeyman
2x07- North mammon
2x08- Empty Planet
2x09- The Last Word
2x10- Lessons Learned
2x11- Sex, Birth, Death
2x12- Profiler, Profiled
2x13- No Way Out (1)
2x14- The Big Game
2x15- Revelations
2x16- Fear & Loathing
2x17- Distress
2x18- Jones
2x19- Ashes & Dust
2x20- Honor Among Thieves
2x21- Open Season
2x22- Legacy
2x23- No Way Out (2)

Season 3:
3x01- Doubt
3x02- In Name & Blood
3x03- Scared To Death
3x04- Children of the Dark
3x05- Seven Seconds
3x06- About Face
3x07- Identity
3x08- Lucky
3x09- Penelope
3x10- True Night
3x11- Birthright
3x12- 3rd Life
3x13- Limelight
3x14- Damaged
3x15- A Higher Power
3x16- Elephant's Memory
3x17- In Heat
3x18- The Crossing
3x19- Tabula Rasa
3x20- Lo-Fi

Season 4:
4x01- Mayhem
4x02- The Angel Maker
4x03- Minimal Loss
4x04- Paradise
4x23- Roadkill

Season 5:

5x01- Nameless, Faceless

 The episodes listed below have already been uploaded to the Dr. Spencer Reid page. Sea
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr lovedrreid said…
big smile
thats a good pic!!!!!!!!! where did you get it? id love to photoshop it for my wallpaper.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr nikki8green6 said…
big smile
Thanks Mikayla!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr lovedrreid said…
my last comment sounded like garcia whan shes talkin to morgan about how she photoshopped a pic of him. lmao
Vor mehr als einem Jahr nikki8green6 said…
LMAO! Yes it did but its cool...
About the pic though, you should be able to right click and save it to your comp.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr lovedrreid said…
1 day at school, my friends and i were in the lab printin out lots of reid pics. we were sitting all around the printer. i swear we almost broke it!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr allyxx said…
ha i wish i could do that at my school haha i almost crack my laptop as it is btw why havn u got the names of the season 4 episodes? i have the box sets if u want the names x