Garcia walked into her apartment after a datum with kevin. as soon as she crossed the threshold she felt really,REALLY cold. she dropped her geldbörse and put on her regenbogen pajamas. she wrapped herself in what seemed to be seven blankets. Not enough. she blasted the heat to 90 degrees. still freezing. she drank tee and ate hot soup...nada. Soon, she got used to the cold. then, she got a little warm. then, she slowly got hotter and hotter. she removed her blankets, turned the A-C to a comfy 30 degrees and had some ice cream. she only then realized that she had gone from freezing to boiling in only two minutes. maybe something was wrong with her. she had to call doctor reid ASAP. she thought about that stupid loser who looked at her very innappropriately and went for a scoop of cream, when she realised it was Frozen solid. what the snap was going on?


kevin had the exact opposite when he came home. he got really hot, then really cold. he proceeded to try and make dinner, thinking it was probably nothing that serious. he took a bag of Frozen peas from the freezer and put them in the wok. in seven Sekunden flat he heard them sizzle. he hadn't even turned on the stove yet. he felt something warm and sticky in his hand. the wok handle had melted right into his palm. at first he thought it was cool, and then he resolved that his body temperature should not be that high. he was going to call his sweetie, oder morgan, oder reid, oder SOMEONE, just incase they had caught something theat needed to be checked out.


Garcia had put all of them on 5-way.
GARCIA: have Du guys been feeling...weird lately?
the line went silent. "haaallooo?" she said.
KEVIN:ummm, i got really hot then really cold my peas melted.
GARCIA: opposite with me, my ice cream froze rock solid!
JORDAN:i was invisible
REID:I read Jordan's mind
MORGAN: i have a fisch tail.
GARCIA:okay, so were all freaks of nature. let's meet and discuss at Duffrie's park.


When they all got to Duffrie's park, they just stared at eachother. They were silent. They couldn't be skeptical oder doubtful, something equally shocking happened to each of them, yet they were still speechless. garcia brokee the silence.
GARCIA:my ice cream froze solid! Sure,my AC was blasting,but it wasn't *that* cold.
KEVIN:my peas melted. The stove was off. It blew my mind.
MORGAN:Reid, what happened to you?

Reid was staring into space

JORDAN:Reid? hun?
REID:we can't tell hotch.

*******2 DAYS LATER,BAU*******

the team had just found out what their unsub, Jeffray Marks, was taking the victim, Anita Jackson. he had been stalking her, and had kidnapped her. She had rejected him, and he was taking her to the pond to drown her. morgan was the fastest runner, so naturally, he had gotten there first. He saw them struggling in the water. He shot Jaffray, but Anita's struggle was not over; she could not swim. morgan thought he had at least 5 Minuten before anyone else found them, so that gave him 4 Minuten 30 Sekunden to help her and get rid of his fisch tail. oder so he thought. he jumped in the pond, pushed Jaffray aside, and swam Anita to the edge of the pond. He came face to face with his team. the pond was murky, so nobody saw his tail. hotch got Anita from Morgan, and lokked at him expectantly. Reid and Jordan looked nervous. "Morgan?" sagte Hotch
"get out of the pond."
morgan and hotch stared at eachother for ten seconds.
"now!" sagte Hotch. Von now everyone had left. There was only Reid, Jordan,Hotch,and morgan left. when Hotch turned to say something to Reid, morgan lifted his tail and sploshed it down, splashing Hotch. Hotch turned around, eyebrow raised. "Morgan...water...out...NOW!!!" he said. morgan looked at Jordan and Reid, who shrugged. He slid up on shore, flopped his tail at Hotch,and grinned. Reid and Jordan smiled sheepishly. hotch was speechless. morgan was...a FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!