It was the team's vacation, and they were on a private island;Reid and Jordan, Kevin and Garcia, morgan and, well, himself. they were wildly excited, even Reid. as soon as they settled in,they headed straight for the beach. Garcia,Jordan and Reid sat and played cards on the strand while Kevin and morgan went swimming. then, Kevin and morgan played cards, while the other three swam. after a few Mehr switch offs, things got boring. they sat on the beach,talking for a while, when Garcia spotted a cave. she was so curious (and BORED) that without warning, she ran towards it. Kevin was the only one who saw. He glanced at the others to see if they were watching. He looked back at the direction Garcia went. she was gone. "penelope!" he shouted. the rest of the group was alarmed Von his sudden exclaimation. they looked in his direction. "where's Garcia?" asked Morgan. "I don't know." replied Kevin. as if on reflex, they went to investigate. they saw the cave and automatically knew she went there. they went inside and called her name, until they saw her in a daze. they called her name again, but to no avail. then, they saw what fazed her. glittering crystals, all different colors. they heard a small tussle and crowded together, protectively. a pale old woman scrambled out from behind the giant clusters of crystals. she and the team had a long, silent stare-down, to try and rationalize what was going on. The woman flashed an eerie, overly-friendly smile. "halloooo," she said. "my name is Opal. what are your names...and why are Du here?" the team stayed silent in awe. they thought that they were the only ones on the west side of the island. "oh!!!" sagte opal, rather loudly and unexpectedly. "you must be the new vacationers. they finally put someone on the west side of this island! Du are, uhm...Jordan, Spuncer, Devon, Eric and penelope, right?" the team just nodded, not bothering to correct her on their names. Opal could sense their discomfort, so she broke the ice. "that is a very pretty lower Du have in your hair, Penelope." she said. Garcia smiled. "thank you," she said. "what kind of crystals are these?" she asked. "they are periculum crystals, my dear. they are sagte to have very special properties. sit, please," she sagte while pointing to a row of chairs. she picked up the turquoise one and handed it to Morgan. "this one is sagte to have been made Von mermaids." she said. she handed the icy white crystal to Garcia. "this one is sagte to have a connection to a snow godess. it was found in iceland." she handed the red and orange crystal to Kevin. "this one was found in a volcano." she handed the purple one to Jordan. "this one was made Von Flora, godess of Blumen and spring. she handed the yellow one to Reid. "this one was dropped to earth Von Appolo, the sun god." they stayed silent, entranced Von the beautiful crystals. "they're so pretty," sagte Garcia. When she turned to return the crystal, the woman was gone. she was absolutely nowhere in sight. they walked back to the strand house. then, morgan noticed something:the sky was dark. how long had they been in there? it only felt like 5 minutes.


After they left the Island, they still had a Tag off. Derek morgan was at his apartment. he had just gotten back from the gym, and decided to shower. he went to the bathroom and heated the water. he stepped inside. his legs felt tingly when he was sitting down, but they felt that way sometimes after he'd been working out. after about ten minutes, he turned off the water and tried to get out, but he fell over. he thought maybe he just worked out too hard. he tried to get up, but he couldn't. He dumbfoundedly looked at his legs. he had no legs. they weren't there anymore. his legs were gone. In their place was a long, turquoise tail with a floppy fin at the end. he wanted to scream, but no sound came out. he just sat there in pure shock and stared at his tail. When was it going to go away? was it ever going to go away? could he ever go back to work...or anywhere else,at that. just when he decided he needed to do something(and 911 wouldn't respond to someone who claimed to have a fisch tail), it morphed back into his legs. his two, precious, beautiful legs. he'd take this secret to his grave.

**********REID and JORDAN**********

on their extra vacation day, Jordan and Reid were going to spend a lazy Tag together watching Filme and...well...being lazy. they decided not to watch any horror movies, with their jobs and all. after they had watched a romantic comedy, they decided to while they were talking about high school, Jordan showed him a picture of herself when she was fourteen. she had pigtails, horn-rimmed glasses and sky-blue braces. she didn't have a problem with the way she looked, but she didn't know about reid; she couldn't read him. she waited for a reaction and he just smiled and sagte "cute." she smiled back and put the picture back in her wallet. 'great, he probably thimks I looked like a dork.' she thought. "I don't think Du looked like a dork." sagte Reid. "oh...thanks." she said. 'it was like he read my mind...but then again...he is a profiler.' she thought, a little disturbed. "he scared her Von saying, "but I didn't read your mind. Du sagte that,right?"
" thought it" reid was a little scared
"J..." he said. "think something a number."
after jordan thought of the number she paused and looked at Reid. he was silent. "what?" she said.
"...thats it." all this was too much. she thought, maybe, just maybe they needed sleep. Jordan went home.


Jordan woke up refreshed and ready to work the Weiter day. she grabbed her toothbrush and skipped to the bathroom. she brushed her teeth happily a nd then looked in the mirror to wash her face. she was on the phone with reid. she started to scream. "Jordan? J?" he asked. she couldn't say anything. her reflection was gone. "I'm coming over." he sagte from the phone. he got over to 3675 Roffcourt road. He walked in to silence. he REALLY diddn't like the utter silence. "Jordan?" he asked. no response. he drew his gun and walked around slowly and cautiously. he needed to find Jordan. he diddn't find her anywhere. he walked quickly into the bathroom and waved his gun. he heard a little scream when he pointed it Weiter to the sink. he checked behind the dusche curtain. she was nowhere. "J? Jordan?" he asked "where are you?"
"i'm...right here."
"in front of the mirror, don't Du see me?"
just then, Jordan appeared from nowhere,out of the blue. she turned and her reflection was back. she breathed a sigh of releif.
" was wrong...over the phone?" he asked, as if he doesn't know. "I-I don't know. I turned around and... my reflection was gone." Reid was baffled. confused. he knew Jordan wasn't lying oder joking...he'd seen it with his own eyes. he was speechless.