Chapter four - Left to die

As i lied in my hospital bett i heard people. People i didn't know. And one I did. I couldn't make out alot of the words but I heard the voices. I felt a hand on my cheek and I tryed to open my eyes. They opened slowly but I couldn't see for a minute. "Lily.." a voice said.
Reid was sitting beside me with tears running down his face. I reached up and wiped them and left my hand there. He let go of my cheek and was leaning in. Then I suddenly knew. he was going to KISS me. I leaned in to and we both closed our eyes. Our lips touched slowly and his fingers Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt in my hair.
"Lily. I Liebe you. Do you.. Uh...want to go out with me?" He asked after out lips parted.
"Sure." I replyed , staring into his beautiful eyes.
Jay-Jay walked in then. She saw me and Reid and went back out. "Jay-Jay its okay come back in. " I sagte weakly. She walked back in and smiled. "Looks like your the first person in the hospital in a month. Don't worry though. We got your back hun.'' She said.
So here I lied in my bett talking with Reid and Jay-Jay smiling and laughing with me. I had no idea when I was aloud out again but All i know was I was sleeping for 2 days, Lost alot of blood and I passed out when Reid got to me. Jay-Jay didn't know about the kiss. I hope she didn't.
When I got out of the hospital Reid was the one who had to drive me Home and to work. As we drove to work , we held hands. Sometimes I would look at my new boyfriend and wonder how he likes me. But in the end I knew somehow we were ment to be.
"I Liebe Du Reid." I sagte as he parked the car.
"I Liebe Du too, Lily." He replyed.
I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I felt his lips touch the oben, nach oben of my head. Then morgan Knocked on the window.
"Hey look whos up again!'' He sagte Knocking on my window again. I jumped out and punched his arm. morgan picked me up and threw me over his shoulders. He started to walk while I was kicking him. "REID! HELP ME!" I yelled as he locked the car.
Reid just walked behind us slowly so I didn't slap him. When morgan put me down I slapped his shoulder. We all walked in laughing. JayJay was looking at us like we were mental cases.