Chapter three - The Angel – Jäger der Finsternis

I felt suddenly.. whole. Like Reid was my other half. He made me feel better about fainting. So as I sat here listening to him, laughing , smiling and talking with Reid.
"So Du feel okay?" Reid asked me
"I have had better days and some even worse then this. So I guess so." I replyed
"Lily , Remember this. I will ALWAYS have your back. ALWAYS." He sagte to me .
"And I will always have yours. So I guess we are partners.." I laughed.
"Guess so." He started to laugh with me.
We stared into eachothers eyes.

When we got back I went into the folder and read the case. then everyone walked in.
"I think the unsub is someone who lives around the neighborhood. Maybe around his late thirtys oder maybe even early twentys. Probubly doesn't get along with anyone that much. " I said. Reid looked at me and sagte nothing.
Prentiss walked up to me then. "Maybe but he has to be well known. And there is also 5 other murders like this. So maybe this is a copy-cat oder A serial Killer..." she added.
As I drove Home something didn't feel right. Then as I looked towards the cars behind me A speeding car hit my car. I reached for my phone and dialed Reids number Von mistake.
"Lily whats wrong?" Reid asked
"Reid.. Someone hit my car. I have glass in my leg and my arm. Help me.." I moaned
"Oh my god. Where are you?" He asked
"Two blocks away from work." I relpyed
"Okay im coming. Call 911. I wont be long." He hung up.
I didn't bother calling 911 because a cop was already on the straße looking towards my now recked car. He walked slowly up to my car and saw me grasping my leg with one arm. I tryed to speak but he already knew. Then Reids car pulled around. He stopped his car and ran towards mine.