Chapter two - Hostile Fears
A case came in the Weiter Tag and I was scared. My first case wasn't going to be easy. Reid explained the case and we went to go Investigate. I had to be in Reids car with REID driving and I almost got sick. "Lily your going to be fine. Your only going to be scared for a little bit then Du will get use to it. Trust me. " He sagte looking back at me. Then in that moment , I knew we were going to be best friends. Reid told me to hold my breath because there was still a dead body at the scene. Then we both got out and waited for everyone else to get here.

I walked in first and I saw the body.
"Girl around her late twentys ,stabbed to death." I sagte . Everyone looked at me.
"Maybe her early thirtys." Reid added. "Good job Lily" He wispered to me.

I walked around and noticed a knife. "Jay-Jay? can Du come look at this?" I shouted.
Everyone came in and I picked the messer up while I was wearing gloves. It was dripping in blood.

Then I was suddenly dizzy. I dropped the messer and then everything went black. I didn't hit the floor though...
It was dark. Peaceful. I heard a Angel – Jäger der Finsternis calling out my name. Someone that was trying to pull me away from the darkness. I heard sirens and the Angel – Jäger der Finsternis say : She is going to be fine. Can Du just put her in the krankenwagen please?

I woke up then.

Reid saw me with my eyes open. I was in his arms, " Lily Du fainted. We are just going to put Du into the krankenwagen so Du can stop paniking." He sagte to me softly. He placed me onto a bett in the krankenwagen and sat beside me.