"When did it start?" House asked with a strange look on his face. Wilson sighed and sat down at the table.
"Nothing has started. Sometimes we have lunch together on the weekend..."
"You are seeing her outside of work and knowing you, paying for both meals, something has started."
"Look, three weeks Vor I ran in to her at that old movie theater on fourth and we thought it would be silly to not sit together since we were both seeing the same movie..."
"And one thing led to another?" House asked with a bitterness to his voice.
"We're friends. Just leave it alone, House."
"You know that Du like her, and I know that Du like her; so why don't we end the 'just friends' speech." House sagte as he drank from his coffee cup. Wilson ran a hand over his forehead.
"She just ended things with Foreman and I'm still talking to my dead girlfriend at night. I think 'just friends' is an apt Titel for what we are."
"I think it would be a huge mistake for Du to get involved with her." House stated as he completely ignored Wilson's rant.
Wilson groaned in annoyance and stood up. He walked to the living room and sat down in his recliner. House followed him and sat on the sofa.
"She's beautiful, smart, open to experimentation, and not needy. I get why Du want her, but in the end she will die slowly and painfully, and you'll once again be at the bedside helpless to save the woman Du love." House stated in a soft tone. Wilson looked at his friend and sighed.
"I know it's a bad idea. I have thought about all the things Du just said."
"I do like her." Wilson finally admitted.
"And she definitely likes you." House stated with a knowing gaze. Wilson smiled weakly and then shook his head.
"It is a bad idea."
House leaned back against the sofa and looked up at the ceiling.
"It is, but I know that won't stop you...It wouldn't stop me..."
Wilson looked at House.
"You're confusing me. Should I oder shouldn't I develop something with her?"
House turned his gaze back to Wilson.
"You've already started developing something with her. I just wanted to let Du know that it could end badly. As your best friend, I have to make Du aware of your idiotic choices."
Wilson smiled fondly at House. House smiled back.
"I do want her." Wilson admitted.