When I have just learned to read,the very first book that i read to test myself was a Doraemon comic,episode 29 like i clearly remember.That was when i was 4,and i thought 'wow!this kitty cat is amazing!'.then i started to read Mehr and Mehr of Doraemon comics.I collected things about my Favorit idol:stickers,plushies,notebooks,...And every time i read a Doraemon book,i temperary forget all about my worries about school,friendship blah blah..He made me laugh and he is way cuter than any boy at school though he's a robot cat:).I don't really know why i like him so much,but then i realize that i wanted to be just like him,to live in a world full of happiness and magic.Doraemon gave me something to hope for-a better world maybe?And thanks to him (also Fujiko Fujio)I am still on my way with a lot of positivity.Doraemon lives forever in my heart,and i hope he does in your hearts,too.
Du rock,kitty cat.