Sometimes it takes a little crazy to truly spell Nuts and boy oh boy was Alpha missed here. Who knew out of all the tasks Victor could perform, he could also play crazy. Out of all the psycho Luney, Echo was the least believable, probably because Echo has taken on a personality of her own, even in her imprinted state she still goes back to Echo format.

At least we know for sure that Dr. Saunders is not forgotten and that DeWitt is probably making it her goal to get her back, but it isn't really her first priority.

Among the silly in 'Belle Chose' Victor's attempt to dance like a girl came off disturbing. He presented himself Mehr like a man trying to dance like a girl as opposed to a girl dancing like a girl. Didn't he realize his change in body chemistry?

From the onset of 'Instinct' and Eliza Dushku's stellar performance, I expected 'Belle Chose' to up a grade, but it presented a certain mediocrity to it. I did appreciate the guest stars who resembled the actual manikin, but they out numbered Echo and could have easily taken her down.

Paul's anxiety towards Echo was no surprise, probably had a lot to do with seeing he naked in the shower. To any extent DeWitt must be aware of his fascination with Echo, she seems to give him Mehr than he can actually chew. How good was he as a detective; it wasn't really established, so did he have the capability to interrogate a psychopath. I am sure DeWitt could have saved herself the trouble and just follow one of her Puppen with their tracking devices still implanted (That's new) to the secne and just raid on their parade.

I barely tolerated Echo's engagement with the professor, it really added a yawn that we really could have done without. Maybe Sierra could give it a spin, Madeline also gave it an essential twist. On the other hand not my Favorit storyline.




Three Stars

Grade C-