Hunde The petition to stop dog's torture in China & Korea

amaranta77 posted on Jul 14, 2011 at 04:57PM
Two petiton are coming around the word for almost 2 years. Each day thousands of dogs and cats are killed in the most horrible way. Please help to get 1 million signatures to stop this.



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Vor mehr als einem Jahr annieok said…
Join and make it an issue.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr webkinzluv said…
i have heard of what they do to the poor aminals (i meant to spell it like that) :( :( :( :( :(
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bikergirl8 said…
count me in I love animals id hate to lose all them if we didn't have dogs we wont see without them if we were blind we have seeing dogs to help blind people so NEVER EVER in a millon of yrs take ur pet OR animal to CHINA OR KOREA THANK YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!
 count me in I Liebe Tiere id hate to lose all them if we didn't have Hunde we wont see without them
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bikergirl8 said…
poor puppies and animals
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 poor Welpen and Tiere