Chap. 1
Lily put on her jacke and mitts to get ready for the car to go to Gramma`s for the weekend. Her dog, Flora, gazed at the interesting creatures with her midnight eyes gleaming as bright as the sun. Mom nodded her head, smiling. ``We need to stop getting flora in all this begging,`` she said, giggling. Just in that very moment, Flora jumped onto Lily`s lap, In a sigh of relief.[i]Whew,[i] thought Flora, [i]I like this girl.[i] Lily patted Flora, very gently.
Chap. 2
As soon as they got to the cottage, Mom sagte "Flora needs energy, from that 2 Stunde car ride," Patting the little Jack Russel puppy. "Jacks need lots of excersise. Plus, it is another Stunde away from Gramma. "