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Die Fanauswahl: Torchwood(well that might actully happen)
Die Fanauswahl: The Doctor wins, dies and the name is revealed
The Doctor wins, dies and the...
All of the above
Die Fanauswahl: David Tennant LOL :D
Die Fanauswahl: Ten and Rose
Die Fanauswahl: It’s a police box. Can't Du read? I'm your new undercover agent on loan from S
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RubyJoJo sagte …
It’s still early days for this club, but feel free to Mitmachen if you’re a Fan of Nardole :)

link gepostet vor 5 Monaten
Alan_Smith_Fan sagte …
Unpopular opinion I know but I like Matt Smith as The Doctor! He was my favourite Doctor. What does everyone else think?? gepostet vor 9 Monaten
DW_girl Kommentiert…
Matt Smith is one of my favourites alongside David Tennant! He has that unique ability to act very childish but also act like an ancient god/warrior in the Weltraum of one story, plus his relationships with his companions are really lovely and his whole storyline is original and really interesting! vor 9 Monaten
simrananime sagte …
A club for Bill Potts fans. Feel free to join!~

link gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr