We are all entitled to our own opinions so here is mine if Du agree with me great. If Du don't that's not my problem. Just if Du Kommentar and Du don't agree don't be mean. I have seen really mean Kommentare on here and it's a shame.

Alright here we go:

First of all the hunger games are fimed and they are aired on television. Divergent is not filmed oder aired on television.

Weiter technically the hunger games only its suppose to have ONE winner... They have let Katniss slide so much it's a bit sad that she loses everyone she cases about at the end of the story. Divergent is not necessarily a one winner battle is ends with 10 people winning. The ones that are left over are just homeless not dead. Also in different it is up to the individual child as to I'd they leave there family unit oder not. Tris, Caleb, Tobias they left but it was there choice.

Lastly in the hunger games children are absolutely murdered. In divergent Du can commit suicide like Al did but in divergent Du don't get killed the whole point is working very hard to become a member even if that is Du are the 10th person on the list.