O. M. G. Is it just me, oder are Divergent and Hunger games, EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!! Both have problems involving some form of government, and both have wicked government persons. (btw beware this Artikel will have some foul words.) Both Divergent and HG have badass characters and hot lead guy characters, (four and peeta and gale). Both states, oder worlds, are divided in some form of colonies.WTF. Have Du also noticed both have iconic symbols, the mockingjay pin, and Tris's bats?!?!?! Started to get what im saying??? Both have some kind of war wtch kills like tons of people. Each colony (wtch I mentioned earlier) have a symbol, and a different job. And I think this is so creepy, both main female parts (Tris and Katniess) LOOK EXACTLY FREAKING SAME!!! Same with four and Gale, who both also look kinda the same. Also there are differences to. Like Katniess didn't have a brother, but her father was killed. And Tris doesn't have a sister. But both have siblings. How does this happen, I don't know. And please don't be all pissy and bitching at me because im dishing both movies, because generally, I Liebe both movies. This was just brought to my attention Von one of my very close friends, so I decided to bring it up. Thank Du my friends. And if Du would like, please Kommentar anyomore similarities Du found.