{This is just my opinion. I am sorry if I offend anyone. Also, there might be some cursing here, so do not read if Du dislike cursing.}
{MAJOR Spoilers! Please do not read if Du have not read Allegiant oder do not want spoilers!}

Allegiant. I honestly do not know where to start on this book. Might as well start from the very beginning.
A tired me was looking for something to read in the book store. I found the Divergent Box Set, and since my Friends had constantly been chatting about how it's the 'new Hunger Games', I decided to give it a try. Divergent was the first book, I loved it. It was well-written, clean, and interesting enough to continue reading. It had meaning, good meaning. Secondly came Insurgent. It was not as good as Divergent, but it passed as a book nonetheless. It is also the book where my favourite character (Cara) got introduced properly (We see her in Divergent briefly, but I don't count that as a proper introduction). It was an alright book overall. Then came Allegiant. It is still sitting on my shelf, waiting to be re-read (And I hope I never have to re-read it).

Perspective changes
Ah, Four and Tris. How I hate them. They were basically inseparable in both perspective and the book itself. I literally had to re-read some chapters because I could not tell them apart. Four, whom I already hated (Sorry fangirls), was even Mehr butchered in Allegiant. He was mopey and whiny because he wasn't genetically perfect (I believe that's complete bullshit, but we'll get to that later) and Tris...well I'm going to say I loved Tris here. I loved her in all the books. Even here, I still Liebe her, but she still feels out of character. Whole chapters I went thinking that Four's perspective was Tris' and vice versa. Changing perspectives (especially with first-person) every chapter was one of the most annoying parts of the book. It was confusing and did not add to the storyline. Now now, I know a lot of Du will say that Four was doing the whole Genetic rebellion behind Tris' back, and that Du needed Four's POV for that stuff, yes, I agree. But Tris eventually joined up anyways. It would be much better to just have it all in Tris' POV, it would be easier to take in the whole experimentation idea than it would be if the whole book was switching POVs.
Secondly, it gave away the ending of the book easily. If Tris wasn't to die, then why would there be two perspectives? The truth is Veronica Roth needed a voice to speak out once Tris died. I like the idea of it, but during the entire book? No. It would be much better to just have Tris die, then end First Person POV and do the epilogue in third person. That way the perspective change is not as hard to decipher and also puts the emotion into it. And it gave away the ending Von having two perspectives, once Du read Tris' last chapter, Du realize that the whole point of the POV change was to have Four's voice after Tris died. It gives away so much with so little change.

Genetic Damage
I hate this. This, in my humble opinion, is the worst part of the book. It puts Tris in an unhealthy Mary-Sue light (by constantly stating how 'genetically pure' she is) and just ruins the amazing buildup made in Divergent and Insurgent. Roth had a perfect opportunity to give the readers a suspenseful and thrilling reveal about what is behind the fence, but instead she simply mimicked the Faction system. Genetic Damage is complete bullshit, like they sagte in the book. It's unnecessary and has nothing interesting about it. I hated the backstory of the whole Bureau, maybe it was because I barely even understood what the hell they were talking about, even if I re-read it nine times, oder because I just always wished that the other backstory was true. I wish Tris' mom was a Dauntless, it would make Mehr sense for Tris to choose Dauntless.
I appreciate the idea of trying to tie everything together, but in this way it just messed up the plot of the series. It was rushed, too, Du barely even got time to comprehend that it happened.
Either way, the Genetic Damage plot device does not make sense, nor is it worth the major buildup to what is outside the fence. Poor Tori died for nothing...

This one, I have to say, is my least concern out of all of these. Shocking, isn't it?
I know the majority of Fans were upset over Tris' death, and yes, I did cry, but I wasn't angry oder upset that she had died. I think Tris' death was actually very well done, but I think poor Tris died for the wrong reasons. Again, this has to do with the ridiculousness of Genetic Damage. She died an Abnegation and Dauntless death, just to 'save' the people from genetic welfare.
Despite that, I give Veronica Roth major Requisiten for having the balls to kill off her protagonist. It was a smart move. A tear-jerking, angering move, nonetheless, but also a smart one. Even the Four perspective at the end of the book was well-done. Four's memories of Tris were emotional.
The only reason I disliked this ending was because of the Genetic Damage snorefest.
Uriah's death, on the other side, killed me. Authors always have to kill off my favourite characters.

Overall, I don't like this book. I would not re-read oder recommend to a friend. In all honesty, I think it could have been good, and I think some effort was put into it, but it was rushed and sloppy. The dual perspective was confusing and annoying, the Genetic Damage plot device was useless and a complete snorefest, and the whole 'uprising' part was just useless.
I think Allegiant will remain untouched on my bookshelf.