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Nick looked up at the Tiere that he thought would be his friends, as they held him down. He just wanted them to be his friends, he didn't want to hurt anyone! What did he do to them? he started to cry, and whimpered a bit at the same time.

"Alright, that's enough, kid. Let him up." sagte a voice, a tall, buff male buffalo. They obeyed and let Nick up, who was still crying miserably. Little did he know, it was about to get much worse than insults, betrayal, and a muzzle. The buffalo grabbed him and pulled him to the door that was on the side of the room, and opened it. "Good job, guys. That's one more. Soon, the predators will be extinct- will will take all the young ones and jail them, and leave the miserable adults to rot in their own sadness of loss," he grinned.

Nick whimpered. "What are Du doing? Where are Du taking me? I didn't do anything!" he complained, his fore paws up at the sides of his maw nervously.

The buffalo ignored his Fragen and took him down the long hallway full of cells with other predators, and opened one at the very end, shoving Nick into it. "Get in there, mutt." he grunted, shutting the barred door. "You're going to spend the rest of your life in here, like it oder not."

Thanks Du all for reading! Let me know how Du liked it! I know it was short, but for now I wanna see how the story does! I'm open for any suggestions (but I'm picky on what I actually take in) on anything, so don't be afraid to ask oder tell me! Also, I'd like to make this into a role-play (RP) if anybody likes RPs and would like to do one... PM me on Quotev at link oder also E-Mail me to RP this at calebhesse42@gmail.com !!! Thank you! :) Depending on how good this prologue does, chapter one will be released sooner oder later! :)