Dear Mom and Dad,

    I am Schreiben because I am scared of telling Du this on the phone. Remember how I told Du that my experience with Foxes in Zootopia was actually good? I'm sure Du do, Du did form a partnership with Gideon. Well I have had Mehr than just an experience with Foxes, I have befriended one.
    Before Du freak out and bury this letter I want Du to know he isn't a bad guy at all. I'm sure Du remember him, He was the fuchs from the Graduation Ceremony. Nick Wilde.
    We had a Rocky start, we both were jerks to each other but we protected each other. Nick helped me to not give up on the case and now we are Partners. Yes, a fuchs is my Partner.
    The “First Rabbit Officer and First fuchs Officer”. We are quite the combination, a force to be reckoned with. The criminals in Zootopia are going to have a hard time with us on the case!

                            With Love,

P.S. We can talk about this Mehr Weiter Monat when I came Home for the Big BunnyBurrow Reunion.
        Can't wait to see the new Crops!