The first Tag I arrived at the Academy was rough, the cadets were rude because I was a fox, the Instructors were Harsh, the Bunk Beds were cramped, and I had to wear a stupid uniform. But over the past four months my impression of everyone changed and their opinions of me changed as well. I learned to care Mehr about others, Teamwork, and Respect. The other Cadets began to respect me as well because I never let their insults get under my skin, I never declined from a challenge, I never gave up, I believed in myself. I should have learned this when I was a child but times have changed, My dream has changed. And now I stand among my fellow cadets, ready to Graduate to become a ZPD officer.
    There were 15 of us cadets, all clad in New Police Uniforms. We all stood quietly as Chief Bogo Congratulated us on our Big Achievement. After Bogo's Speech was done, other Town Officials on the stage spoke words of Wisdom and encouragement. The sun was so Bright that I pulled out my shades, hey, I have to add a little of my style to this Police uniform.
    “And now, a very Special Officer will like to say a few words to our new recruits. Judy Hopps!”
Bogo sagte into the Microphone. I could see Judy walk from the back of the stage to the Podium, she hadn't changed at all. Judy stared into the group of cadets, I could tell she was looking for me. Eventually her eyes noticed me in the very front, she gave me a smile, so I removed my sunglasses and winked at her.
    “Thanks for the Introduction Chief Bogo. I few Months Vor I stood exactly where Du Cadets stand Now. I was a very Naive Bunny in a world that had rules I didn’t know. I thought I could easily change the World, but I still had much to learn. Life is a little Bit messy. We all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. We are all different Animals, and there will be discrimination. But no matter what Animal Du are, change starts with you.”
    I was the first one to applause her, she was completely correct. I let Discrimination rule my life, but I choose to change.
    “Now this first Cadet has Graduated from the oben, nach oben of his Class, and he also taught me to never let myself get detoured from my Dream. He is my best friend and Now he is Zootopia's
'First fuchs Officer. NICHOLAS P. WILDE!”
    The entire crowd erupted in applause as I approached the Stage, It was finally Happening. My Dream of Being an Officer and Judy's partner was finally coming True. I walked up the steps to the middle of the stage to Judy. I stood still as Judy opened one of the wooden boxes that were under the podium. Judy Turned to me with a Badge in her hand. She clipped it to the Left side of my Uniform.
    The whole world felt still to me, it was as if this moment was being paused like a DVD. I had wasted my whole life on scams, I never tried to change. I let what other Tiere thought of me Dictate my Life. I spent all this time I had scamming instead of Helping. It was my own fault for staying so blind to Reality. Well, no more. I will help the Citizens of Zootopia just like Judy helped me.
    Judy and I stared into each others Eyes for a moment, then she Saluted me, And I responded with my own Salute. Once again the Audience erupted, but this time they were Cheering. All of these Tiere were cheering for me. They have Faith in me, and I will not let them down. I will not let any of Du down.

    An Stunde later, The Graduation ceremony was over. The cadets and I took one big Selfie, we each wanted to remember the times we had at the Academy in case anything were to happen while we are on the Job. Sure we may not see each other, but we will always be Family.


    Judy and I walked past the Door to her Apartment.
    “Are Du sure about this?” I asked Judy.
    “Yes! It Will Be Perfect For You!”
    “But how did you….?”
    “While Du were gone I saved half of my Paycheck for it.”
    “You didn't have to….”
    “You are my Partner. Partners help each other! And That is what I have done.”
    We stopped at the Door Weiter to her Apartment. Judy reached into her pocket and pulled out a Key with a Bunny Key chain.     
    “Living under a Bridge is not good for Zootopia's 'First fuchs Officer'. Du need a 'Real' place to live. And the Apartment Weiter to me is the best place for you.”
    “Judy, I don't know what to say.”
    “You don't need to say anything. Du still owe me $10 for that Pawpsicle scam of yours.”
    “Heh…..right. I forgot about that.”
    “Don't worry, I won't let Du forget that $10.” Judy sagte as she punched my shoulder.
    “Okay Carrots.”I sagte with a smirk.
    “Being Best friends, Du get a nickname too. How about Sly Guy.”
    “I Liebe it.” I sagte as I gave her a bug fuchs Hug.