The Media were in a full uproar the past couple of hours, Barriers had been placed around the Zootopia Police Department to keep all the photographers and talk Zeigen interviewers out. Inside the ZPD the officers were all in a frenzy to keep the situation under control, This whole Scandal goes right to the oben, nach oben and at the very center of it was a Bunny and Myself; Nick Wilde.
    Being a Fox, I would never be seen sitting in a police department to be interviewed as a witness to a crime. Foxes have a pretty bad reputation for being sly, sneaky, and well actually everything negative thing Du could think of, but we are not all that bad. I would consider myself part of the middle crowd, I do scam people, but I really don't mean any harm.
    It felt pretty awkward to have police officers giving me respectable nods, My whole life I have been an antagonist of the Department. I tricked their officers, Prank Called their secretaries, stolen their Donuts, and tripped their Meter Maids. But a few Days Vor I tripped the wrong cop, a bunny: My naturally enemy. This Bunny turned out to be different from other bunnies I had met, she was confident, unstoppable, clever and a better Hustler than Myself. Judy Hopps was the first person I have met that I could consider my best friend, she helped me to remember my childhood dream of being a Zoo Scout. She saved me from Death Mehr times than I could count, And I really didn't do much for her except be a jerk. No, I did save her life once, but Von Pure luck. I had no Idea that Bellwether would use that dart gun on me after I had switched the savage serum with Berry Juice. If I hadn't, Judy would be……….Gone and I would be alone…….Again.
    A chubby Cheetah that worked at the schreibtisch brought me a Donut and some Coffee, He didn't Zeigen any fear oder anger towards me, only kindness.
“I think Du will need those, Judy told me about all the things Du have been through the past couple of days.” He sagte to me. As I reached out to get the Essen from him I managed to catch a glimpse of his name tag.
“Thanks, Clawhauser. I...uh Appreciate it.”
“Don't mention it, If Du need Donuts Du come to me.”He sagte as he bounced back to his desk.
    I took a bite of the Schokolade jimmy Donut. It tasted the same as they always do, but this time It made me feel different. Since I was 12, I always scammed people for money so I could buy food. Everyone was Wird angezeigt me Kindness because I did something good.
    I looked down at the coffee cup and I could see my reflection in the liquid. I could Remember when I first saw myself in the mirror when I got my Zoo Scout Uniform, I was so young. The Negative Ansichten of the world didn't exist to me yet, all I had was my Dreams and they were shattered. But I had a Sekunde chance and I threw it away, Judy gave me an application to Mitmachen the ZPD and I just tossed it on the ground because I let her words get to me. I wonder, maybe I still have that Sekunde chance. Being a Police Officer wouldn't be so bad, I would be able to Right my Wrongs.
    The Door to chief Bogo's Office opened and out came Judy, a very pleased smile across her face. “WILDE! GET IN HERE!” The chief yelled across the room. I put the coffee and Donut on the Magazine tabelle Weiter to me and began the Dreaded walk to Bogo's office. I was nervous, what was he going to ask me? Was he going to arrest me? Did he even know that I was a con-artist?
    As I past Judy I heard her whisper “Hey, calm down. I handled it.”
“What do Du mean?”I whispered to her but all I got was a thumbs up as she walked to the sitz I had spent the last Stunde in.
    When I got to Bogo's office, he was already sitting behind his schreibtisch with a file that had my name on it.“Close the Door and Sit Down.”I could see in his eyes that he wasn't as aggressive as he was the first time they met. When I first met Bogo, he was yelling at Judy and telling her to hand in her Badge. I Couldn't control myself and I got right in his face. This time if Bogo Disrespects Judy Again, I will do Mehr than just simply tell him off.
    “So your full name is Nicholas P. Wilde, am I correct?”
    “You have my file, so Du should know it is.”
    Bogo's Eye slightly twitched. Good, I wanted him to know I was ready to go at it if he decided to mouth off.
    “I know we met under a…..uh...Non-Professional circumstances.”
    “Buffalo should really control their tempers.” I sagte with a smirk.
    “And Foxes should watch their Tone with Officers of the Law.” Bogo said, still trying to keep his cool.
    “I was merely supporting a friend.”
    “A friend? Du and Ms. Hopps? Today the pigs must be flying. First we have our assistant mayor trying to make everyone eat each other, and now we have a Bunny and a fuchs being Friends.”
    “Well, people can change eh? Your opinions about Judy have obviously changed.”
    “I don't know what Du are talking about. I was merely--”
    “Trying to tell her to quit earlier.”
    Bogo gave me a dirty look, I had gotten under his skin. With a deep breath, he put his Lesen glasses on and opened my file. “Now lets get back on subject. Have Du been involved in any illegal activity? Do Du have a criminal record?” Great, that is exactly what I wanted to avoid. “No.”
Bogo watched me answer and then he looked down at the sheets of paper in my file. Strange, there was only 3 pictures and 1 sheet of paper with Schreiben on it. A picture of me from when I was interviewed last Jahr about missing ice cream, A picture of when I graduated from High School, and a picture of me as……..a kid. Where did they get that?
“Hmm, everything seems to be in order. The only information missing is your career info.” Bogo handed me the paper. “Do Du think Du could fill out your career info?”
I had to think of something to write, well why not spin the truth a little bit? The chief took the paper back after I had written the missing information. “An Entrepreneur?” Bogo gave me a curious look.
“Yeah, I sell many 'things'. Mostly Pawpsicles.”
“….Well, I think we are done here. I need to go downstairs and make sure the assistant mayor didn't mess with the file system. Du can leave.”
    Without another word, I walked got up and walked out of Bogo's office. That was really close, how was there nothing about my Cons and Scams in that file? Wait a second, Judy!
“So. How was the chief?” Judy asked as she walked over to me with the coffee and Donut from earlier.
“Oh, it was nothing. He knows when to keep his mouth shut. But I have a Frage for you. Did you--?”
“Yup! I wiped your file of anything incriminating. Don't want anything to come back at you.”
“Thanks Judy, but I don't think I deserve that. I’m a con artist, a Fox.”
“What are Du talking about? Du helped me on the case! It's thanks to Du that I didn't give up. Today Du get to start from a fresh start. And Du are not just a fox, Du are my friend.” Judy sagte as she grabbed my arm. She had such an honest look in her eyes, she really was my friend. She didn't care about what species I am. I gave her a nodding smile. “I guess my Hustler skills really rubbed off on you.” Judy punched my shoulder. “You have no Idea, sly guy.”
    We kept walking to the front doors, It was dark outside. The Media had left, we could leave now. I held the door open for Judy to leave and I followed after.
    “Judy, can I ask Du one other thing?” I asked and Judy turned around.
    “Yes Nick?”
    “Do Du still have that Application?”
    “The one from earlier, Yes I do. Why?”
    “After everything that has happened today I have decided on something. I need to change.”
Judy looked at me with a curious expression, but then she realized what I was getting at.
    “Are You…….?”
I gave her a Smirk.“Yes. I want to be ZPD officer. I want to be your Partner.”