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posted by mewzabaneh
"My name is bolt"Bolt showed his teeth.Tobogas laughed."Have Du come to save Lightning...or Du just here fore a wooping."His voice bellow down the ally."Take her."Said the pitbull.He grabed Lightning Von the scruff and threw her to Bolts feet."Come on Mark lets go."Tobogas turned and trotted off."And stay out Lightning.. we would not have to do this again if Du listened."Mark sneered as he sagte this turning and running to Tobogas's side.Bolt watched them go."Are Du ok?"Bolt asked Lightning."Bolt that's your name I am fine."Lightning got up but fell down again due to her leg."Don't,I will...
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Here are my bolt stuff! i hope Du enjoy and also share some of your merchanise! There is over 200!

Bolt blu-ray dvd
Bolt dvd
Bolt Gold edition dvd
The art of bolt
Bolt-book of the film
Bolt wheres penny? book
Bolt colouring book
Bolt 'Lights,camera, ACTION!'book
Bolt watch
Mittens watch
Rhino watch
Penny watch
Watch with Bolt,mittens,penny and rhino.
Bolt limited edition cards
Bolt sticker book (completed TWICE)
Bolt dogtag
Rhino dogtag
Bolt 30" plush
Bolt 23" bohne bag toy
Bolt beanbag seat
Bolt 16" plush
Bolt 1" plush (its midget!)super rare!
Bolt 14" plush
Bolt 29" plush (super rare!)
Bolt super bark 24" plush
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Brief summary: Bolt and Penny have finally vanquished Calico, Penny rescued her father, and life returned to normal. But a true villain never truly stays down. Calico returns once Mehr and, this time, kidnaps Penny, her father, and her husband in one final attempt to get the animal enhancement process. Now, the only ones who can save them are Penny's daughter, Emily, and Bolt's son, Lightning.

Emily came in the front door. She was ready. She called out for Penny, with no response. She looked around to see there was no car in the driveway, she then proceeded to the küche as it was lunchtime...
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 Soda The REAL Superdog..
Soda The REAL Superdog..
Bolt 2
We all no that televisions big star, sterne Bolt the superdog has retired to a normal dog life in the country. Pretty relaxing? Thats about to change! Bolt runs into a female dog with a mark like he used to have ones, and takes interest and starts asking Fragen curiously. "Soda" the female dog, hides alot from him, until Bolt almost got attacked Von a mysterious machine, But then Soda grabs him Von the scruff and takes off flying, with lots of speed, while Soda leaves the robot to her team. Bolt screams, screams, and screams freaking out while Soda is trying her best to hold on. Bolt...
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"Nevermind that old mutt, Bolt." violett commanded. "Got it," Bolt replied. The happy Hunde were now at a huge kirsche tree, which provided lots of shade. violett streched out and rolled onto her back. Bolt just sat beside her. Over at the benches where Penny and her friend, Tiffany, were sitting, they talked. "Hey Pen, I think our Hunde like each other." Tiffany giggled. "I think so too." Penny said. Penny and Tiffany accidentally left the Hunde behind after needing to leave. Unfortuanetley, they were miles from home. That must have been a long walk for Bolt and Penny. "Uh, oh," violett gasped. "Double...
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posted by SkyHedgehog
Bolt and Penny are sitting on the couch in the living room. Mittens is lying belly-down on the floor, rolling Rhino's ball around. Suddenly, they hard a noise. Bolt jumped to his paws, and slowly crept to the door. Mittens followed along beside him with a look of concern, and annoyance on her face. "What is it?" asked Mittens. "Shhhhh" the dog shushed. Mittens frowned. She hated it when Bolt wouldnt tell her what "It" was. Bolt leaned his ear up against the door and listened. He jumped back. "Bolt?" asked Mittens in a Mehr scared tone. Now there was barking. Bolt scratched the door. Penny walked...
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posted by Lancewing1994

[Mitten's Point of View]

Cobra and I were searching for the perfect spot for Bolt and Maria to hold the ceremony. It is going to be a week before the wedding takes place, but nothing can contain the excitement I have for him. Bolt already told us about that spot they found on one of the hills, but they couldn't risk getting spotted Von Bruce, so we decided to look somewhere in the forest. I know there was this one spot that works just as well, so we decided to check that out. When we got there, we saw that it was even better than I remembered.

"Well," I said, "I think this will work well."...
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posted by Lancewing1994
[b]Bright Red[b]

[Maria's Point of View]

Cobra and I walked inside our home. Once we were in Ryan's room, kobra, cobra finally said, "What were Du thinking? Du can't just lick someone's cheek like that (let alone a former super dog)."

"I panicked," was my reply, "I didn't know what else to do."

"Well Weiter time, refrain from doing that. That is if we see him again. Lord knows how badly that poor dog's being tortured Von that ecstatic hamster..."


[Bolt's Point of View]

"Bolt and Maria sittin' in a baum K-I-S-S-I-N-G" still rang out in Rhino's voice. In fact, we're already Home and he's still singing...
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posted by boltrocks2233

After being shipped to New York and making it Home after a while, Bolt is back in an even crazier adventure. After being transported to Miami, Florida in an airplane mistake, Bolt (accedently) ends up joining the Miami Dade Police Force.There he learns they are captureing and training stray Hunde to solve the case of an international bank robber. After the case they are being transported to Los Angeles. Bolt decides to stay with the team, in the prosses Bolt makes new Friends and learns there is Mehr to life than kibble and belly-rubs.
Voice by: John Travolta

Known to the Miami...
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17. Decisions

Bolt's point of view

I saw dead patriot.

See, this is what happens when Du don't follow the rules. Gill said.

What's your motive! Why did Du switch side?
You don't know Russians, they will betray you!
Listen to me! You'll be fine! if don't..
Well you'll see it soon! I said.

Don't listen to that fool, Gill. You're one of us now, right? Rotyklov said.

Yes. Bolt your words are not impressing me, deal with it. Switching side was a part of my plan. Gill said.

Your plan? You..had a plan? I asked

Yes, To link up with Russians. Gill said.

Gill winked.

Gill was lying! I somehow knew it. Well, kinda'...
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posted by PatoAdmireBolt
At the Weiter Tag ...
Penny's boyfriend (Zack) knocks on the door of Penny, Penny opens the door and says ...
-Penny: Hi honey, how are you?
Zack: Good And how are Du dear?
-Penny: Good too!
Zack: I'm so glad you're okay, honey, let's sit down and talk,ok?
-Penny: Ok.
At that time, Bolt and Mittens were below the bett of Penny...
-Bolt: Du are completely sure that I have to do this?
-Mittens: Sure ...
Then ...
-Penny: Zack, can Du please get off your feet from my mom's sofa?
Zack: Sure and sorry.
When Zack put his feet down the couch, Bolt comes and starts barking at Zack ...
-Zack: Your dog is crazy!
-Penny: Oh, I’m so sorry, Bolt! Don’t do that again!
When Mittens was spectating Bolt’s actions…
Mittens: Bolt will be far away from me in a few minutes… Oh yeah!
3 Minuten later...
-Penny: Bolt, I want Du out of the house, now!
Then Bolt left the house crying…
Bolt,Boltser and Mittens were in helicopter. Where we should land?Bolt asked. I have no idea. Boltser said. Look out!Mittens screamed.Helicopter crushed to mountain. Where we are?Mittens asked. I think we are on Salt Lake City.Bolt said. Help!! Mittens screamed. What now,Mittens! Boltser asked. Some kind of evil dog is killing me!Miitens said. I`ll help ya!Bolt said.Bolt bited him,but noticed something. Wait a Sekunde He`s a wolf! Bolt said. Hey!Bolt said. What? wolf asked. What is your name?Bolt asked. My name is Danny,you`re name is?Danny asked. My name is Bolt,Can Du let my friend go?Bolt...
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posted by pikachuboltfan
ok Guys. i dont have any ideas for the Weiter article.
leave a Kommentar if Du have an idea.
like 1 Monat Vor i thought i should make an Artikel where bolt and violett was together with penny in a plane in the way to europe.
(i didn't know which country)
if Du Guys have an idea for what country oder what idea Du have for another article.
plz give me an idea :(
i can do a small Artikel in this article, because Fanpop wont let me make this Artikel to small.
lets begin.
Bolt: *yawns* geez im tired. *looks at clock* oh geez 4:23 AM. *falls in sleep*
*later at 9:00 AM*
violet: (looks at Bolt) Bolt? are Du ok?
Bolt: *yawns and looks tired* oh god.
Violet: whats wrong?
Bolt: nightmare. man and i did pee on the floor.
Violet: ok...
The End.
posted by ILoveBolt2Much
I Thought I Lost you:

Nobody listens to me, don't hear a single thing I've said
Say anything to sooth me, anything to get Du from my head
Don't know how I really feel, the faith it takes to make like I don't care
Don't know how much it hurts to turn around like Du were never there
Like somehow Du could be replaced
And I could walk away from the promises we made and swore we'd never break!

I thought I Lost Du when Du ran away to try to find me
I thought I'd never see your sweet face again
I turned around and Du were gone and on and on the days went
I kept the moments that we were in
'Cause I hoped...
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posted by BoltsBiggestFan
 "Bolt suddenly tensed."
"Bolt suddenly tensed."
Von BoltsBiggestFan for

Something was wrong. Very wrong.
Penny stared at her map at the edge of a Japanese forest with uncertainty, while Bolt lay at her feet on the wet grass. He sighed a deep, doggish sigh and shifted his paws into a Mehr comfortable position. Bolt and Penny had had a rough time of late.
It had been about three months since Penny’s father had been kidnapped Von the malicious Doctor Calico, oder the Green-Eyed Man, as Bolt knew him. Since then, Bolt and Penny have been on the run from Calico’s henchmen, not having a decent meal oder sleep for a while now.
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So,Now they needed to Find Penny's Dad.
DAD!!!!!! Penny said. PENNY! Penny's Dad said. I THOUGHT I Lost YOU! Penny said. ALL THESE YEARS I HAVE TRIED TO FIND Du AND FINALLY IT HAPPENS!!! Penny said. ME TOO!! I ALWAYS WANTED Du BACK!Penny's Dad said. I think we have to head home.Penny's Dad sagte to Penny. But...Wait? Whose are those? Penny's Dad asked. Bolt,Lily Bolt's GF,Bolt's Dad,Rhino,Mittens. Penny tell.

Then they head themselves back home

And happen like it should be Little Girl,and His Dogs....

*There is no Home like one Du got,Cause that Home belongs to you!*


of Bolt's Guest.....
posted by Lancewing1994
News Flash

[Bolt's Point of View]

I slowly woke up this morning and nearly jumped out of my pelz when I saw kobra, cobra right in front of me. Maria was still Weiter o me, but it was amazing that she didn't wake up. Once I regained my wits, I asked Cobra, "How long have Du been standing there?"

"Since seven," he answered, "I also saw what happened last night."

"You did?"

"Yep. I just wanted to say that I'm actually happy for Du two."


"But remember…"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of her."

"Don't make me hunt Du down."

A Sekunde later, Maria woke up. She was a little groggy, but managed to smile after...
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posted by Lancewing1994
Bottle of Tears

[Maria's Point of View]

I could hear Bolt's whimpers and sobs as my person's father tries to realign Bolt's Bones to try to make sure they knit in the right places. I just wanted to cry just Von hearing him, but just to try to set a good image to Mittens and Rhino, I didn't. kobra, cobra was trying to calm a frantic Mittens and Rhino was rolling around in his hamster ball trying to drown out Bolt's whining. A few Minuten later, I heard a knock at the door at the same time that Bolt's whining finally stops.

Ryan entered the room and answered the door to reveal Penny, Bolt's person. Penny...
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8 Old friend is back!
Xaron`s base 11:28 pm.How i can get rid off that bolt...A-ha! now i get it! I can use my own powers to him! Xaron thought.Mean while..How we get to his base? Mittens asked.I have no clue,but maybe we can ask other Hunde if they have seen something.Bolt said.Good fact.Mittens said. And then. Hey did Du have seen any helicopters?Bolt asked. Yes,one black flied on east. One dog said. Thanks for helping!Bolt said. No broplem,Bolt it`s me. Boltser said. Boltser!?Bolt asked. Yep,Here in one single piece!Boltser answered. Umm..Bolt who is this guy?Mittens asked. He`s boltser a...
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one Tag while bolt and mittens were playing outside dr.eggman and dr.eggman naga were planing to catnap mittens
dr.eggman:are Du sure that that cat is princess balze's sister?
dr.eggman naga:of course she send metal sonic after her.
dr.eggman:metal sonic capcher that cat and as a added bounes Du can take the dog too?
metal sonic:yes master I shall get the dog and cat for you.
mittens:did Du hear something
bolt:no mittens why do Du ask...*sees metal sonic behind mittens*om mittens look behind you.
mittens:bolt if this is one of rhino's tricks he'll..*turns to see metal sonic*bolt...
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