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boltpup sagte …
bolt does,nt want to us fan,s to fight he love,s us gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
boltbiggestfan1 sagte …
bolt bolt bolt im bolt biggest Fan no 1 and lover forever and>>> is my life gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
no1BOLTfan Kommentiert…
I'm sorry, but I believe I'm the #1 Bolt Fan ever. I own over 40 pieces of merchandise, I have over 100 reasons I am his #1 fan, many supporters saying I am his #1 fan, and more. Thank you, and have a nice Tag :) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
No1fanofBOLT Kommentiert…
Du guys don't fight over who is Bolts biggest Fan BEACUSE I AM BOLT'S BIGGEST #1 Fan OF THE WHOLE WORLD AND ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Vor mehr als einem Jahr
LovingNiall Kommentiert…
Du guys don't need to fight over an animated dog who is not real, just cool it down, Du are all Bolts no.1 Fan no matter who Du are because Du all Liebe him so much. I'm sure he didn't have the intents to make Du guys fight! So just stop it Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Boltdoglover sagte …
wow 70 fans
gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr