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@Walt Disney Studios -Hear the incredible stories of our Lady and the Tramp cast and learn Mehr about how Du can make a positive difference in an animal’s life with North ufer Animal League.
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This is an old idea that I had a few years Vor but never got to, until now. Disney Channel, a place that gave many Berühmtheiten their first breakout role that would lead to many other opportunities. Some end up being successful adults, some become train wrecks, and some fade away from fame and are barely remembered (despite that they're still in the business). However, if Disney Channel and Hollywood in general, have taught us anything, it's that Du don't need talent to be famous, in some cases Du don't even have to be attractive oder talented in order to be famous. I think anyone can sing if...
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So I was going to make this a question, but there wasn't enough room, so now it's an article.

Anyways, remember late last Monat how I sagte I wanted to do a Disney Couples countdown? Well here's a Liste of all the couples I could think of;

Disney Couples - Humans
Anastasia And Baker (Cinderella)
Anita And Roger (101 Dalmatians)
Anna And Hans (Frozen)
Anna And Kristoff (Frozen)
Ariel And Eric (The Little Mermaid)
Aurora And Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)
Belle And Adam (Beauty and the Beast)
Birdwell And Kronk (Emperor's New Groove)
Chicha And Pacha (Emperor's New Groove)
Cinderella And Charming (Cinderella)
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This my Sekunde Artikel on this club and my first Artikel rating movies. I Liebe Disney Filme and I just decided to share my oben, nach oben ten. Feel free to leave comments, but make sure they are respectful.

10. The Incredibles
This is the first Disney/Pixar to make the list. I though it was a really unique idea. My Favorit character is Violet. I just Liebe her powers.

9. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
I loved this movie so much when I saw little. Its iconic especially with the spaghetti and meatballs scene. I want spaghetti so bad whenever I watch this movie. I Liebe Lady and Tramp!

8. Castle...
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