This is part to of the results of my countdown which includes places 20-11. Unlike 39-21, while there was some haters with some of these girls, insgesamt they're considered either very pretty oder beautiful. Personally I strongly disagree with some of these things but oh well it's not my list. Anyway just like last time I'm going to tell the publics opinion and than mine. Also keep in mind that this is just the opinion of fanpop. Please leave a Kommentar on what Du think of the article, enjoy.

20.Jane(Return To Neverland)
She definitely is pretty, no doubt but she's not as stunning as the others. She's Mehr of a plain Jane if Du know what I mean. I don't like her button nose and her hair has always annoyed me. I do find her eyes pretty though.-starlight77
I was personally very sad that she left so soon, but happy she made it to at least the oben, nach oben 20. While she had her haters(who are completely biased) insgesamt people found her quite pretty. She has such gorgeous blue eyes, a dazeling smile, lovely lips, and cool hair. She's one of the few females I think can pull off short hair. Plus the beautiful Animation does help with her looks. However some people didn't like her nose because it was barely drawn and found her hair ugly. It's weird because usually(and oddly) Jane is usually considered prettier than her mother. I guess it's because of a new audience that she's not considered prettier than her mother any more. In my opinion she's in the oben, nach oben 15 most gorgeous of all animated females. I think she's the most beautiful of the three Peter Pan heroines. She deserves to be in the oben, nach oben 10 and to be higher than her mother, who she's a million times prettier than.

19.Tinkerbell(The Glöckchen Movies)
I now find her very pretty. But I think all of the ones are much prettier.-Jessikaroo
I Liebe that she made it to the oben, nach oben 20 because people use to hate on her looks in CGI alot. The CGI Animation for once showed us Glöckchen with loose hair, which was a bonus. Her hair is so pretty, her eyes are gorgeous, she has a great smile, nice lips, and a cute nose. Plus pretty good hips. One user who at first hated her looks in CGI ended up finding her very pretty. While people found her quite pretty they thought the CGI made her look kind of off. In my opinion she's beautiful. She was very pretty in 2-D form but she's absolutely beautiful in CGI.

18.Madellaine(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
Madellaine is okay when zoomed out, but when zoomed in, she's not pretty.-LightningRed
I'm so happy she at least made it this far but sad too. Anyway insgesamt people found her very pretty. She has beautiful mandel green eyes, an amazing smile, lovely red lips, a normal nose, and cute short hair. Just like Jane she's one of the few women who can pull of short hair. She's such a natural beauty and doesn't need make up oder anything to be attractive, she looks great just the way she is. However the Animation quality effected her looks. Some people thought she looked better from far away than being in facial zoom. Some found her ugly, once again biased people. In my opinion she's in my oben, nach oben 10 most gorgeous animated females EVER. She's much prettier than Esmeralda.

17.Kida(Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
don't like the white hair-opalrose
Looks like she's getting a little Mehr attention than she usually gets. It was very close between her and Madellaine. She has gorgeous blue eyes, a dazeling smile, amazing lips, and cool and unusual hair. Her white hair actually looked very good with her blue eyes and tan skin. Along with that amazingly sexy body. However some people thought her white hair was a little bit too unsual. Also they thought her mouth and nose were too big, personally don't see that. I think she's stunning, she deserves to be in the oben, nach oben 10.

I always thought that her eyes were way too big.-SarahCorine
I was personally shocked that she left so soon, I thought she'd make it to the oben, nach oben 3. Anyway she's definitiely one of the most exotic characters created Von disney. Her long thick raven black hair, big brown mandel eyes, tan skin, lovely red lips, and dazeling smile. Plus she's one of the most sexualized heroines ever. She's known for being sexy and being able to tempt anyone. However while some found her very pretty and beautiful, others didn't. They thought her hair was too thick, hated the style it was in for most of the movie, couldn't stand her horrid nose, that she had a big head, a tiny skinny body, and most of all her too big eyes. They're too big even for a cartoon character. I agree with all the negative stuff sagte about her, she's plainly pretty at the most. I actually think she looks prettier in the third movie and that Sadira from the TV series is prettier than her.

15.Wendy(Peter Pan)
She's very pretty, but just not as much as the others. Her hair kinda reminds me of Drizella's, I think she's prettier in the sequel :)-Animated_Paint
It doesn't surprise me that she won as the prettiest Peter Pan heroine. Anyway while people aren't a big Fan of her hair they Liebe her face. She has a normal nose, beautiful blue eyes, a lovely smile, and nice lips. She's classically beautiful to alot of people. However some people weren't too big on her looks. Pretty much everyone hated her absolutely ugly hair. Others thought she was very pretty but not beautiful. In my opinion she's very pretty but not beautiful and has ugly hair. However I think she looks gorgeous as an adult. I think Glöckchen and especially Jane are prettier than her.

14.Alice(Alice In Wonderland)
I think Alice is pretty but not as pretty as those left.-auroraxaurelia
It was no surprise she'd be leaving right after Wendy since they have the exact same face. However the only reason she was higher than Wendy was because unlike Wendy, she has pretty hair. But just like Wendy she has beautiful blue eyes, a normal nose, a lovely smile, and nice lips. However just like Wendy people found her to be Mehr pretty than beautiful. In my opinion she's very pretty but not beautiful.

13.Shanti(The Jungle Book 2)
She's very pretty, but I like the looks of the others more.-KotokoAihara
No surprise here for me, she's always been considered one of the most beautiful of the young heroines. With her big mandel brown eyes, dazeling smile, lovely lips, and very pretty black hair. She's considered absolutely stunning Von many in both the original and the sequel. This girl is so stunning she made the stubborn Mowgli who was ranting about how he'll never leave the jungle decide to leave just Von looking at her. Plus considering she gets so much attention and she's only 10 years old is impressive. However some people find her Mehr pretty than beautiful. Plus I think it's also the fact that she was only 10. In my opinion she's absolutely stunning, but looks prettier in the sequel.

12.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea)
what? melody left? are Du people choosing? she's gorgeous-Ribon95
Personally I'm really upset about this but I'll get to that rant later. Though people hate her movie and aren't big on her people find her beautiful. She has glowing pale white skin, lovely thin rosa lips, a normal nose, a dazeling smile, gorgeous big blue eyes, and long beautiful black hair. She's a perfect blend of her parents. She's usually considered the prettiest young heroine of Disney considering there's a new audience that means there's one young heroine who's considered prettier than her, who made it to the oben, nach oben 10. People found her to be just a cheap copy of Ariel. They also found her too boyish and masculine. In my opinion she's tied with Giselle as the most beautiful of all Disney heroines. She's even prettier than that of her own mother Also I have to say if Melody is gone because she's too boyish and masculine looking why is Esmealda still in the countdown? Esmeralda is Mehr manly and masculine than Melody is. Besides Melody doesn't look masculine oder boyish in the slightest AT ALL. She deserves to be at least in the oben, nach oben 10.

This is defiantly getting hard!!!!! I think everybody left is pretty oder even beautiful! I do think Mulan is pretty, it's just everybody else on the Liste is prettier, oder is beautiful.-disneyworld007
This wasn't too shocking but still kind of sad. She's a rare, natrual, and realistic beauty. She has beautiful asian eyes, a pretty smile, lovely lips, and beautiful hair. No matter if it's long oder short her hair is so beautiful and beautifully animated. She's doesn't need make-up to look beautiful, she looks better without make-up. However people found her plain, thought her eyes were bland because they were just black, thought her nose was weird, and I'm guessing that fact that she was a man for most of the movie doesn't help. Plus people just thought that the oben, nach oben 10 were Mehr beautiful than her. However I find her absolutely stunning and think she deserves to be in the oben, nach oben 10.