“Ella! Ella! WAKE UP!” I groaned at the sound of Esmeralda’s voice.
“You know how many of my best dreams Du ruin?” I laughed, and threw my kissen over my head.
“Well, little missy I thought Du might want me to give Du a little wake up call, considering you’re gonna be late for your drama class meeting!” Esmeralda said. I shot straight up in bett and jumped out. Pulling on my robe.
“Why didn’t Du wake me sooner!?!?!” I screamed. Frantically gathering my towel, razor, and other morning supplies, hurrying over to the bathroom.
“Well, some people want to enjoy their last couple days of summer and sleep in, and not wake up at 7 in the morning! You’re lucky that I woke up!” Esmeralda shook her head and pulled her kissen over her head.
“ What ever. Now I’m gonna get ready, Du can go back to bed. Bruno get out of the bathroom!” Bruno, my dog, looked up at me, got up and slowly trudged out of the bathroom. I slammed the door, and started to get ready for auditions.
I quickly grabbed my messenger bag out of the passenger seat, and slammed my car door, running into the Playhouse. I opened the door to the lobby and quickly ran into the Auditorium.
Oh, Crap! I thought to myself, as I heard the head of the drama department, and current drama teacher, Ms. Merryweather, constructing one of her long lectures. I’m Late.
“and remember all of Du will get a part in the play, no cuts,” I try to sneak into the farthest row away from Ms. Merryweather that has people in it, without getting noticed, but nethertheless, “and, I expect all of Du to be on time from now on, okay Ella?” All faces turned towards me. I nodded.
“Yes, Ms. Merryweather.” I sighed, and looked around the crowd seeing if we got any new students coming into drama this year. Sure enough, I saw some unfamiliar faces. I saw a boy with caramel-colored hair, and black eyes, and a girl with dish water blonde hair, like my own, and blue eyes. 2 highschoolers was a huge step from none coming in last year.
“Now, I’m sure all of Du have picked up, and have been studying the script to this years production Les Miserables. I would like Du to pull that out right now.” I pulled out my script, which is already worn, after only a week. I have been studying and practicing for the part of Fantine. Ms. Merryweather encouraged me in taking on the role and that it will push me into doing my best, and will be Mehr challenging than my Zurück roles.
“Auditions are this coming Friday as Du all know, and I have put a sheet up on the outside of the auditorium that Du will write your name and what role Du will be trying out for.” She looked around the class, making sure all eyes were on her, and nobody was texting -- cell phones were basically illegal in Drama Class-- and continued, “I hope Du all continue to practice, before Friday. See Du then! And DON’T forget to sign up!”
The class laughed. And started gathering their things up. As I looked up from my things, I saw that Charming -- Edward, Charming was just His nickname -- Was staring at me. As soon as I looked up though, He had turned away. Was I imagining it? I shook my head and exited the auditorium.
There was already a long line for sign-ups. I sighed, and rummaged around in my bag for my cell-phone, planning to text Esmeralda that the meeting was getting out early, when I realized the new girl was standing in front of me in line. I dropped my phone back into my bag and started a conversation.
“Excuse Me? Hi, I’m Ella, But everybody calls me Cinderella. Mainly because I have a maid business to clean peoples dorms for money. Anyways, enough about me, What’s your name?” The girl looked at me, smiling.
“I’m Eilonwy! What character are Du going to be trying out for?” I tensed wondering if she would be trying out for Fantine as well. She sure would fit the part. I haven’t heard her sing, but I bet she’s great.....
“Fantine. What about you?” The words came out like vomit. I couldn’t help myself, but to my delight, Eilonwy wasn’t trying out for Fantine.
“Cosette! I’m trying out for your daughter!” I smiled and nodded my head! Eilonwy was energetic, outgoing, and not competition! She is going to be a great addition to drama! I thought to myself, when Ms. Merryweather approached us.
“Ella, I see that you’re getting acquainted with the new student! I think it would be great if Du guys practiced together!” Ms. Merryweather sagte with great enthusiasm. I nodded and replied,
“I’ll see to it that it happens!” I smiled at Eilonwy thinking how much fun we would have together. Boy, did I not know what I was getting myself into.