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Not sure which Disney Princess Du are? Take this Quiz to find out. Keep track of your Antwort and discover your destiny at the end. Note: All of these are the OFFICIAL Disney princesses besides Merida, who I just think deserves to be on this Liste and may eventually be added. If none fit you, just pick the one that is closest and Bewegen on with your life. Ok? Let's get started...

1. First of all, which Disney princess do Du most closely resemble? (this can be based on hair color, ethnicity, whatever Du decide)
A) Snow White
B) Cinderella
C) Sleeping Beauty/Aurora
D) Belle
E) Ariel
F) Jasmine
G) Pocahontas
H) Mulan
I) Tiana
J) Rapunzel
K) Merida

2. Your sidekick(s) is/are
A) Dwarfs
B) Mice
C) Forest animals
D) A horse and/or talking household items
E) A fish
F) A tiger
G) A racoon and/or a hummingbird
H) A dragon. DRAGON, not lizard, they don't do that tongue thing
I) A firefly
J) A chameleon
K) bears

3. In your spare time, Du like to
A) Clean Zufällig houses with my forest friends
B) Clean my own house and dream of a better life someplace else
C) Sing in the middle of a forest
D) Read a book
E) Sing and make deals with sea witches
F) Take rides on magic carpets with my boyfriend
G) Take trips to the woods where I go down rivers in canoes, climb trees, etc
H) Dress up like a man and Mitmachen the army
I) Free time? What free time? All I ever do is work
J) Anything, really. I'll stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb, sue a dress...
K) Archery

4. Your ideal prince is...
A) One who has a very shiny palace
B) One who has zero personality but is rather handsome
C) One who I just met but proves that he is my true Liebe Von fighting off a rather large dragon
D) One with a lot of body hair and who was rather beastly at first, but proves to be kind and gentle as a result of his Liebe for me
E) One who I spotted on a ship and who my dad would NEVER approve of
F) One who pretended to be a prince because he fell in Liebe with me, plus has a magic carpet, a genie in a lamp, and a pet monkey
G) A stranger from another land who saved my father's life at one point
H) One who used to be my commanding officer in the army
I) One who was arrogant but learned a lesson about being green
J) One who I initially hit over the head with a frying pan to Zeigen him who was boss, but who turned out to be really sweet and also handsome. He is also a thief, but I can look past that
K) One that I will find on my own in my own time

5. What type of relationship do Du have with your parents?
A) Both are dead and I was raised Von my evil stepmother, who is jealous of my beauty
B) Both of my parents are dead, including my father, who I adored, and now my step mother makes me clean the house and get bossed around Von my step sisters
C) I was adopted Von fairies, so I've never met them
D) I Liebe my father and would be taken prisoner for him
E) I'm the youngest, so my dad worries WAY too much
F) Ugh. Don't get me started. My father wants me to marry a prince. I'm in Liebe with an orphan boy from the streets. See my dilemma?
G) My mom is dead and my relationship with my father is kind of rough because I remind him so much of her
H) I would die for my father. No joke
I) I Liebe both my parents and want to make my father's dream a reality
J) I was kidnapped and raised Von a mother who used my hair for its powers. My real parents and I just met and get along just fine
K) My dad and I have a good relationship, but my mom and I fight. Like ALL the time

6. Siblings?
A) Don't have any, thank goodness, but I did adopt some forest Tiere and some dwarfs...
B) I have step sisters. They are awful. Always ordering me about...
C) I was a gift to my parents, their only child, who they sent away out of Liebe for me because I was their one and only...
D) I don't have any. I am the Liebe of my father's life
E) I have so many older sisters, it's not even funny
F) If I had some, then I wouldn't have to marry and eventually become queen
G) If I had an older sister, than maybe my dad would let her marry this one guy and let me wait a few years
H) I have no brothers. If I did, I wouldn't need to Mitmachen the army in my father's place
I) I was the only child and the only one to make my father's dream a reality, as well as the only other mouth to feed in tough times
J) After I was kidnapped Von sagte witch, my parents could not bär the thought of any Mehr children. They always lit lanterns for me, so I would come back...
K) I have three little brothers, the three terrors, who get into all sorts of trouble, and manage to get away with it, whereas I get away with nothing

Do we notice a trend with siblings and princesses here? Just saying

7. Your Favorit color is...
A) Blue and yellow
B) Silvery blue
C) Blue oder pink, I'm not really sure which. It always seems to be changing
D) Yellow
E) Not sure. I kind of like green, then pink, sometimes blue, even purple...I'm multicolored
F) Usually blue, sometimes purple
G) Yellow, but I have this halskette from my mom that's such a pretty blue
H) Red. In my country, it is considered lucky.
I) Green and blue
J) Purple
K) Green like the woods that I run free in

8. What do Du value most?
A) Cleanliness. What can I say? I am a neat freak
B) Getting away from my family. They are AWFUL!
C) Sleep
D) My father's life and making sure that my boyfriend isn't always a beast
E) Getting on dry land so I can marry my boyfriend
F) Marrying only for Liebe and seeing the world
G) Saving my family and everyone else at the same time. They're about to go to war, Du know
H) My father's life and winning this war
I) Making my father's dream a reality
J) Getting out of this tower
K) My freedom

9. If Du were not a princess, what would Du be?
A) Not a princess? Why, I...
B) A maid.
C) An anesthesiologist
D) A librarian
E) A lifeguard
F) A travel expert
G) A guidance counselor. I seem to generally be the voice of reason in disputes
H) A soldier. Wait...
I) A chef
J) A doctor. I seem to have the power to heal
K) I would not have a job. I would run free with my hair in the wind

10. Pick an adjective that best describes you
A) Sickeningly sweet
B) Dreamy
C) Musical
D) Well-read
E) Headstrong
F) Stubborn
G) Fearless
H) Loyal
I) Hard-working
J) positively-thinking
K) Adventurous

11) An adjective to describe your worst enemy would be:
A) Vain
B) Controlling
C) Evil
D) Stalker-ish
E) Crafty
F) Power-hungry
G) Greedy
H) Domineering
I) Devil-like
J) two-faced
K) Rather large. Rather scary. Rather bearish

12) Your Motto is something like:
A) Someday my prince will come
B) A dream is a wish your herz makes
C) I knew my boyfriend. I walked with him once upon a dream
D) I'm rather strange, but special
E) I wish I could be part of someone else's world
F) There's a whole new world waiting for me
G) Du can paint with all the Farben of the wind, whatever that means. Wind has no color, so...
H) When will my reflection Zeigen who I am inside?
I) I'm almost there!
J) When will my life begin?
K) I want my freedom. At all costs

Ready for your results? OK, let's go...

If Du chose mostly A's...

Snow White!

Congratulations, Du are a neat freak who has a soft spot for the vertically challenged, and Du have a sickeningly sweet personality. Du also trust strangers WAY too much and because of this have to wait for your boyfriend and your vertically-challenged Friends to rescue you. But Du do get to live in a shiny castle!

If Du chose mostly B's...


Ok, so you've had it tough. Du Lost BOTH of your parents and have an evil stepmother. But Du have this wonderful fairy godmother who makes sure Du make it to balls on time. However, Du have zero taste in guys. Du also like to talk to mice and may need psychological help

If Du chose mostly C's...

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose!

Gosh, Du have so many names! It is a wonder that we can keep track of Du at all. Du are a dreamer, and Du manage to meet a really sweet guy (who Du barely know, but since you're betrothed to him and all, this works out) who Du think Du met in a dream before. Du may need psychological help as well. Du also need to stay away from sharp objects

If Du chose mostly D's...


Du are the nicest person any of us could no, and also the smartest. Du always have your nose in a book! Du care deeply for others and are willing to give up yourself for others. Du see past beastly exteriors to the true heart. Du are a flawless angel

If Du chose mostly E's...


Du have a taste for adventure. Du seem to also have a knack for getting into trouble. Du follow your herz without listening to your mind, which tends to make your talent for trouble even worse. Du tend to be headstrong. Du also need to beware of sea witches; they can be nasty, Du know. But Von the time Du have a daughter of your own, you'll get over all of this

If Du chose mostly F's...


Du are an Arab beauty. Du hate being trapped and want to see the world. Du occasionally find trouble, but have a steady head and manage to get yourself out of any trouble. Du have a temper, but are always willing to forgive.

If Du chose mostly G's...


Du know right from wrong. Du are a Native American nature girl, always living with the land. Du probably recycle everything Du can, like a good girl. At the same time, Du are Merida - Legende der Highlands and unwavering in your convictions. Du go, girl!

If Du chose mostly H's...


Du are an extremely brave, loyal girl. Du do what Du know is right, even if the rest of the world is seemingly against you. Du care about honor, but do not let it completely take over your decisions. Du are a good fighter and a hero. Du save an entire country. Pretty sweet deal.

If Du chose mostly I's...


Du got unlucky. The story goes that the princess kissed the frog and the frog became a prince. When Du kissed the frog, Du became a frog yourself. Oops. Du are a hard-working woman trying to make all of your dreams come true. Du also stand on your own two feet; Du never need to be rescued. Du do seem to forget that having fun is as important as working hard and that Liebe is an essential part of life. Du tend to set a good example for your lazy froggy boyfriend.

If Du chose mostly J's...

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

For someone who was stolen as a baby, locked in a tower, got no social practice, and was betrayed Von the mother that Du trusted, Du don't seem any worse for the wear. You're sweet, headstrong, adventurous, and brave. Once Du find your courage, Du realize that Du can accomplish anything. But really, did Du ever think about cutting your hair? It's a bit long. Isn't that HEAVY?

If Du chose mostly H's...


Du have no prince, nor any desire to marry at this point. And that is totally ok. Du have a shaky relationship with your mom and tend to be reckless, but in the end Du get yourself out of a situation that Du managed to create. Du manage to change tradition and convince people of what is right. Du fix your relationship with your mom too. Du did good.

Which princess are you? Share your results in the comments!
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