Disney-Prinzessin Which of my positive remarks about Pocahontas upon re-watch do Du most agree with?

Pick one:
The backgrounds aren't just beautiful. THEY'RE GORGEOUS.
I wouldn't change a thing about the Titel scene, "Steady as the Beating Drum."
John is my Favorit character in the movie.
The "Listen With Your Heart" theme, especially the Piano part, is gorgeous.
I like Nakoma Mehr than Pocahontas; she feels Mehr real to me.
Both sides thinking the others are "savages" is interesting and demonstrated well
"Savages" and the reprise are awesome. Top-notch Animation and such rich colors!
Most of the time, Pocahontas is beautiful. Sometimes, she looks like a goddess.
 ApplesauceDoctr posted vor einem Monat
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