Disney-Prinzessin Best Princess Hairstyle?

Pick one:
Snow White short and cute with bow
Aschenputtel Cute shoulderlength with bow
Aschenputtel full updo
Aschenputtel natural loose
Aschenputtel loose ponytail with bow
Aurora loose flowing curls
Ariel Big and Flowing in water
Ariel pinned back but loos
Ariel Pretty Bow
Belle Half Updo
Belle Quick ponytail
Belle wavy and loose
jasmin big banded ponytail
jasmin hidden under scarf
jasmin high ponytail
jasmin long and flowing
Pocahontas flowing free
Mulan loose updo
Mulan pulled back tight
Mulan pretty and straight
Megara Curlyish and Ponytailed
Esmeralda big and curly
 frollosgypsy posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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