Disney-Prinzessin Who do Du agree with, oder which of these speaches appeals to Du the most? Please pick one only.

Pick one:
"Find your last chanse and come to a billion new chanses."
"It's your way. Whenever Du want, walk on it."
"Since he is the one, I'd do whatever it takes to open the doors for him."
"If everyone is against Du but Du know you're right, Du will win."
"Even if Du choose the wrong way, Du can always choose the right path."
"Fight to the last drop. Struggle as if there is no last drop."
"Use your knowledge. That way Du won't regret the way Du chose."
"No matter how bored Du are, keep standing. Soon, Du might find something!"
"Being different is not different. You're still yourself."
"If something blocks your path, fight back oder wait til' the Tag Du can go."
 ElafTalebHEJ posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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