Disney-Prinzessin PRINCESS PERSONALITY Umfrage - Tiana Edition - Part 2 of 4: Is Tiana a Sensing type oder an Intuitive type?

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 LightningRed posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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LightningRed picked Sensing:
Sensors often:
Focus on details & specifics
Admire practical solutions
Notice details & remember facts
Are pragmatic - see what is
Live in the here-and-now
Trust actual experience
Like to use established skills
Like step-by-step instructions
Work at a steady pace

Intuitives often:
Focus on the big picture & possibilities
Admire creative ideas
Notice anything new or different
Are inventive - see what could be
Think about future implications
Trust their gut instincts
Prefer to learn new skills
Like to figure things out for themselves
Work in bursts of energy
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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opalrose picked Intuitive:
she is a bit of both, but just a little more intuitives
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.