Disney-Prinzessin Final round of the Movie starring Disney Princesses! Pick a Comic Relief.

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 WinterSpirit809 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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WinterSpirit809 picked Mulan:
I'm sorry! I was busy so this is a little late!

Round 1: Protagonist- Rapunzel
Round 2: Protagonist's best friend/deuteragonist- Anna
Round 3: Main Villain- Tiana
Round 4: Villain's minion- Elsa
Round 5: "Tough Girl"- Merida
Round 6: Protagonist's rival- Belle
Round 7: Tritagonist (Third most important character)- Ariel
Round 8: Major Character who dies- Snow White
Round 9: Good person turned evil- Jasmine
Round 10: Protagonist's Dead Family member- Pocahontas
Round 11: Annoying Popular Girl From before Events: Aurora

Round 12: The comic relief
Remaining 13th will be a minor character with a big role.

Bonus Round: Protagonist's love interest
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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Mongoose09 picked Mulan:
She's the funniest DP, imo. Or one of, anyway.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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dancing_dear picked Mulan:
Cinderella is kind of a minor character with a big role in her own movie anyways so it fits haha
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.