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 Eeni meeni mini mo, catch a Princess Von her toe...
Eeni meeni mini mo, catch a Princess by her toe...
I thought to myself: Why just restrict yourself to their singing? I mean, Du have nothing better to do except that entry to that dA contest Du keep procrastinating.
All the princesses, sadly, have American accents. Even though most of them aren't American. Goddamnit. Would it kill for Belle to have a sweet French accent and Aurora to have a German one? Jus' sayin'.
Anyway, yes, speaking voices. This took some thought. On with the countdown!
Go find your own fucking swearing warning.

9) Belle
 Gaston: "Blah blah blah blah I'm sexy blah blah blah I'm hot..." -- Belle: "Well, at least he's not as big headed as Simon Cowell."
Gaston: "Blah blah blah blah I'm sexy blah blah blah I'm hot..." -- Belle: "Well, at...
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On Ariana McGill's fifth birthday, she received a gift from her loving parents. It was the kind of gift that was not particularly expensive, nor extravagant. And yet, it would remain precious to her for years to come. It was a storybook titled The Little Mermaid. On the cover was a painting of a beautiful princess with long blonde hair and a shiny blue fisch tail. The story soon became Ariana's favourite, the one she wanted read aloud Von her parents every night.

"Thunder crashed and lightning struck in the stormy sky," read Ariana's mother, Jane. "The ship tossed...
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 "And away to his schloss we'll go...."
"And away to his schloss we'll go...."

10.Someday My Prince Will Come
Coming in last place, Snow White's song "Someday My Prince Will Come". (I know we're not used to Snow White coming in last place, so try to contain your shock.) It's a quick but sweet song about her wanting her prince and her to be reunited. It's really a lovely song but people complained it was a bit too short.

 "No matter how your herz is greiving, if Du keep on believing..."
"No matter how your herz is greiving, if Du keep on believing..."

9.A Dream is a Wish Your herz Makes
This song is a mellow, charming, uplifting song about sticking to your dreams even...
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One of the subjects that interest me the most about Filme (including DP movies) is the box-office. I think that if used in the right way (I mean, inflation-adjusting things), it might be a good way to compare Filme and understed why they are beliebt oder not. So I spent some time researching and I finally came up with the North American grosses of the 10 DP Movies. Hope Du enjoy my research, my Kommentare and my images.

#10 - The Princess and the Frog - $107.7 million
If the word "flop" applies to any of the DP Movies, unfortunately, it's this one. The Princess and the Frog's marketing was...
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Well, I want to share some of my opinions with you, but I don't want to do it with oben, nach oben ten lists - So I'll do one Artikel for each princess, using the Top/middle/bottom categories from my last article. And naturally, I start with Snow White.

Character: Bottom – Don’t get me wrong, I adore Snow White. But I have a hard time relating to her. For one, I’m a slob. There is nothing in the world I hate Mehr than tidying up something – I don’t mind cleaning, but keeping my things properly sorted out is an ongoing battle. So seeing Snow White all chipper about doing it, always annoys...
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    I used to Liebe the Disney Princesses. Anyone who remembers when I was a regular addict to this website knows that I loved them. But something’s changed. I just don’t remember what I ever saw in them. This article, of course, is opinion only and I am in no way trying to insult anyone oder suggest that they are wrong in liking the Disney Princesses, but I just don’t feel the same way about them anymore. I still Liebe the Filme they’re in, for the art and entertainment value. But as characters, I really must say I find the majority of these leading ladies to be flat,...
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