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Disney Princesses with their Princes
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So Rapunzel had a great beginning. "A single drop of sunlight" fell to the ground and created a blume (?) that "had the ability to heal the sick and injured." Then because the Queen was dying, the blume was mashed up and gegeben as suppe to the Queen who got well again. And the magic affected her baby. The magic golden blume caused the newborn to be born with a head full of hair, and already extremely active.

Wait, what?

Did Gothel take her right after she was born? Isn't that dangerous? Shouldn't Rapunzel be with her mother, be nurtured Von her and everything. Like, come on, at least wait until...
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What's a princess without a tiara! Fans have voted for their most beautiful tiara here's the look at the results.

11. Merida:
Most Fans didn't think that hers was even a tiara, although technically a coronet is a tiara. Fans felt it was too much like a headband only and was voted the first. Personally i thought it was very pretty and much closer to being a tiara than some that looked Mehr like proper crowns.

Isabellagirl033: Like wavesurf said, Merida's tiara is not even a tiara, it is just a piece of jewellary around a wimple.

Cruella: Is this thing even a tiara?

Sparklefairy375: Eh? I...
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Hi everybody!

In this article, I'll be pairing each Disney Princess with a celebrity active during the time of the DP's movie release.

Snow White: Gene Tierney

They both have roundish faces, dark hair, a cute smile, and a reputation for outstanding beauty.

Cinderella: Grace Kelly

They both have blonde hair (albeit Aschenputtel is Mehr of a erdbeere blonde), and similar noses IMO. And both are Icons of elegance.

Aurora: Kim Novak

It was actually very hard to determine who Aurora's double would be. There were so many blonde Schauspielerinnen in the 1950s - mainly because movie studios were...
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Elena of Avalor
elena of avalor
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 Who's Singen voice do Du choose? Jasmine?
Who's singing voice do you choose? Jasmine?
So, this song has been covered Von a few artists, like Lucy Hale Von turning it into a country version. Then, another Disney star, sterne sang it, it is none other than Lea Salonga herself! Are Du ready for a battle between Team Salonga and Team Menzel? Here we go!

Idina Menzel

While I enjoy her version, she's a bit pitchy in certain parts. Although at some parts she's very emotional and I like that, because she's very ominous like Elsa and I'm glad that I like her version.

Lea Salonga

Many of Du know that she was the Singen voice of Mulan and Jasmine, when I heard her version. I thought that she sounds even better than Idina! I would not actually mind her voicing Elsa anyway.
But I guess that they don't want Elsa to sound like jasmin and Mulan!


While both of them are good singers, I would say that Lea is the best singer out of these two!
 oder Elsa, Disney's Idol?
Or Elsa, Disney's Idol?
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 Romy Schneider as Sissi
Romy Schneider as Sissi
Hi guys, I noticed that the Disney Princess Umfrage that Du guys want to know what Disney should do about making a real-life princess. Here are the Liste of real-life princess and how Disney should make it into a movie about them, I'll also write down their real-life story as well.

1. Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (Sisi)

I first discovered her while I was watching Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera in 2004, it wasn't only until that I saw the Francis Xavier Winterhalter's portrait of her in her signature star, sterne clips that Christine's dress was base on during my holiday in Vienna, Austria....
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 Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008 from Russia)
Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008 from Russia)
Hi guys, I have been wanting to write this Artikel for a long time, since I'm also a beauty pageant Fan myself too. I thought that it would be interesting to write about which Disney Princess do they look like and why. If Du guys have your opinion, you're most likely welcome to write it down! Here are some of my favourite Miss Universe/ Miss World winners and their striking resemblance to the Disney Princesses.

Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008, Russia)

This Russian beauty has combo of Aschenputtel and Princess Aurora, but most likely the latter because of their similar facial features and long...
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Hey everyone! The classic Disney films had such a knack for capturing the splendor and wonder of magic so I thought I'd rate all the DP films to see which ones are the most magical.
For this, I took the 5 most likely elements of magic in the Disney Princess films and added 1 category for the awareness of each 6 elements. This is because the Mehr prominent magic would be in a story (or the world in the story), the Mehr people should be aware of the magic as it would be hard to miss. Here are the 12 put together:

1. Magical Powers- Meaning that magic can be done without the use of items (like wands)...
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