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 jasmin Outfit Evolution
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Jasmine's changing outfit over the years
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I'd really Liebe to make an Artikel on my Favorit Disney Princesses, but my Liste still isn't final and I've still got some things here and there to sort out, so I opted out for a prettiest princess Liste instead. I find all of the princesses to be gorgeous beforehand, though some I just find a little prettier than others! ^^ Anyway, I hope Du enjoy this article!

13. Belle

Possibly a bit of an unpopular opinion, but Belle is without a doubt my least prettiest princess. Even not considering her inconsistent Animation she still doesn't seem to be much of anything special to me. She's got a unique...
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So, I made a long rant on Mulan in a poll, so I figured I would add Mehr into it, and turn it into an article.

I don't think she's amazing as people make her out to be. Brave, smart, a great personality. I don't see all of that in her. She's pretty brave, but I think there are braver characters out there than just her. She's smart, but I don't think she's THAT smart, quick-thinking and smart are different. I don't find her personality appealing. She's pretty lazy and gave up too easily at the beginning of the movie. She only works hard when she's forced. Then Von the end of the movie, she's completely...
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