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Die kleine Meerjungfrau
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Die kleine Meerjungfrau
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This Disney-Prinzessin foto contains anime, comic, manga, cartoon, comic buch, karikatur, and comics.

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Here are the results of the Disney Line-up versions. I'm sorry about the delay...

The choices for link were between her blue outfit and her purple outfit. The blue outfit rained victorious.

It's Mehr royal looking, the other one is Mehr casual wear - firegirl1515

Well, I actually prefer jasmin wearing the blue one but in the line-up, I think she should wear purple because Aurora and Aschenputtel already have blue dresses - TigerRanma

The purple outfit is my Favorit Disney princess outfit - princesslullaby

I like both - pretty_angel92

There were three choices for link...
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I'm sure we all know how old most of the Disney Princesses are since we get to know it from their movies, but some of them has a different age in their original and some aren't even mentioned, but this is mainly what other have said, but it's also my guessings on some of them. Anyways enjoy!

Snow White:
There has been many discussions on how old she is in the Disney movie since it's never mentioned, but if Du didn't knew it already she's 14 in the Disney version. In the original fairytale she's only 7 years old as most of us know, but did Du knew that in most of the newer versions of the classic...
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I know I'm a terrible person for doing this but I couldn't resist! Feel free to call me a pig.

Snow White-Kill
I Liebe Snow White, I really do but I wouldn't want to marry her. I mean can't survive a voice like that for the rest of my life. And I certainly wouldn't have sex with her because she's way too young and she's not very attractive. Sorry.

Duh! Who wouldn't want to marry Cinderella! She cooks, she cleans, she's sweet, she's laid back and she has a wonderful Singen voice. Obviously sex comes along with marriage, so it's a win-win. I'd Liebe to have her hand in marriage.

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Disclaimer: I know the Disney Princesses' have Models who perform actions so that the animators can define how to draw that particular movement. However, I also believe that the animators draw inspiration from their voice actors. Also this Artikel is just focused on the character's non-singing voice actor in the case that they have a separate one for when they sing.

1. Snow White: Adrianna Caselotti

Her features all in all are nearly identical to Snow White's. She has dark hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She has a simple nose, and is always smiling, which is also similar to Snow White. In fact,...
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by: JonnaSe, Onceuponaweenie, Diluka96, & Princesslullaby
This Artikel took a lot of deciding and arguing. We feel it's a really important Artikel to write and add to the Artikel section, like so many of the 'favorites' Artikel and countdowns that have been made lately. It's crucial to make this. It's definitely not just making an Artikel for the sake of making an article.

Ariel’s knees aren’t there until the Sekunde act. They probably smell like fish. And they aren't even REAL knees. They don’t Zeigen the true depth and soul of her character. After all, everyone knows knees...
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My Favorit princess Liste has been change in some placement since I wrote link several months ago. I was inspired with link, so I would include Anna, Elsa, and Moana too in my list. Although they aren't official, but the Mehr the merrier!
Okay, here's my latest Favorit Disney Princess list:

Bottom 5

14. Jasmine

She’s still on my least favorite, ever. I don’t get what’s so special about her, all other Princesses at least have their own uniqueness, except for her. She’s nothing Mehr than a princess who was forced to marry, and again it’s really common. She shown sassiness but just...
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