Disney-Prinzessin The Last DP Villain Standing

cruella posted on Jan 26, 2015 at 07:16PM
So this game was started on many spots by different people, in fact CRaZy_rawR is doing one similar to it right now.

The rules of the game are really easy. Each villain starts out with 10 points each. Each person subtracts a point from a villain, and each person adds a point to a villain. The next person in line takes the amount of points from the previous post and does the same: subtracts and adds.

Evil Queen: 10
Lady Tremaine: 10
Maleficent: 10
Ursula: 10
Gaston: 10
Jafar: 10
Ratcliffe: 10
Shan-Yu: 10
Dr. Faciliar: 10
Gothel: 10
Mor Du: 10
Hans: 10
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